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Oh the joy of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Leave the suit and tie back at the office, the heels in the closet and don a comfy, albeit hideous, holiday sweater. Years ago, people flooded the thrift stores to find vintage Christmas sweaters decked out with wreaths, reindeers and yule tide joy. Today, you can shop online for hundreds of styles from iconic to ironic. Here are 12 of our top picks to help narrow down your search for a so-ugly-it’s-fabulous holiday sweater. Don’t forget to shop online with Ebates to get Cash Back on all your holiday outfits and gifts!

NYC Alliance Snowman Pullover Christmas Sweater


While traditional holiday sweaters typically don a Fair Isle pattern, this sweater showcases artwork that looks as if it was made in MS Paint. A true gem in our eyes.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit


Want to get crafty this year with your sweater? This kit gives you everything you need to add your own creative touch, complete with jingle bells, pom poms and googly eyes.

ICUP Green Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Apron in Black


Planning to be the master chef this winter? This apron allows you to still be in the holiday spirit without getting too hot in an itchy sweater.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt or Hoodie


We get it, you’re over the ugly Christmas sweater trend. But a tiny part of you still wants to participate. Choose from either a t-shirt or hoodie with an ugly Christmas sweater pattern and you can show your disdain for having to go to a themed party while still having fun.

By Design Long-Sleeve Cool Santa Christmas Sweater


Hey, Santa is cool! He’s so cool that he even wears sunglasses. What makes this sweater even cooler? Pom poms.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Wine Bottle Outfits


Be the life of the party by bringing along some wine. Make your wine the best dressed at the party with these adorably ugly wine bottle sweaters. The best of both worlds.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest – Santa Claus


Take your sweater game up a notch with a sweater vest and get your jolly on. You’ll be the happiest Santa around!

Santa Headshot Ugly Christmas Sweater


What’s red, green and white all over. This ugly Santa headshot sweater! All you need to complete this outfit is a big grin.

Christmas Tree Ugly Pet Sweater


Get Fido in on the fun this year with this adorable argyle ugly sweater. Trust us, he’ll love it. Really.

Ugly Christmas Sweater ‘Menorah’ Crewneck Sweater


If you celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas, don’t fret! Let everyone know at the party that you prefer to celebrate for eight days instead of one.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Holiday Sweatshirt


Excited for the new Star Wars movie? This AT-AT sweater will show everyone you’re in the Christmas spirit and know how to use the force.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Keg Snowman Sweater with LED Motion Lights

Igloo? Check. Snowman with a keg? Check. LED lights that are triggered by movement? Check. Get ready for a rockin’ cool time!

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