Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Little Girl Catching ConfettiNew Year’s Eve is often celebrated as the last big shindig for the year. It’s a time to look back on your fondest memories of the passing year and to celebrate the upcoming year with loved ones and festivities. But if hanging out in your jammies and watching an oversized light fixture make its descent isn’t your cup of tea, we at Ebates suggest a few fun and unusual ways to celebrate the New Year.

Get Crafty

If you want to start 2016 in a new and one-of-a-kind way, encourage your party-goers (kids and adults alike) to forgo the prepackaged goodies for something a little more unique. Set up a craft table and get to work decorating your gear for the occasion. Set out plenty of bright colors and sparkly goodies to get the party started. Glitter, sequins, tinsel and tissue paper can be used to make the appropriate garb. Create your own party hats, noisemakers and confetti for a special celebration to mark the occasion. Kids will especially love this activity.

Tapas Party FoodCreate a Feast

The holidays are all about filling yourself with delicious foods without making excuses so why not celebrate New Year’s Eve with a full belly? Fill your table with a smorgasbord of options so everyone can have their fill and snack throughout the night. Finger foods can include salty and sweet snacks but you’ll also want to include a few healthy options to get your New Year’s resolutions off to a good start. And don’t forget your New Year’s tableware from Birthday in a Box!

Take on a Worldly View

The coming of a new year is celebrated the world over, but not every country celebrates it the same way.

In Columbia, they carry suitcases all day to encourage travel in the upcoming year. In Greece, people hang onions from the door to represent rebirth and break a pomegranate on their doorstep for prosperity. In Argentina, people eat beans for good luck. In Denmark, people climb onto chairs and “jump” into New Year’s Day. In some South American countries, they wear colored underwear to represent their desires for the year ahead. Spaniards consume 12 grapes, one with each chime of the clock as a symbol of luck. The Japanese clean their homes and send thank-you cards.

Many of these practices can be performed concurrently to show your appreciation for other cultures and to have some unique and fun celebrations this New Year’s Eve.

Count Down Each Hour

Why wait until the last moment to live it up when you can celebrate every final hour of the year? Create fun age-appropriate activities for your guests to complete each hour. When the clock strikes each hour, set up a new activity like games, dancing, entertainment and more. These activities are particularly fun for little ones, especially since it’ll help them stay up until midnight for the big countdown!

New Year's Eve maskHave a Ball

Ring in modern times with the medieval tradition of masquerade balls. Get an era appropriate gown at Costume Express or modernize the event with a pretty dress from Barneys New York. The occasion calls for opulence so feel free to go all out with an elaborate getup. Most importantly, don’t forget your mask so your party will look the part!

Double Dip

In other cultures, New Year’s isn’t celebrated only at the dawn of the year. The Macedonian Orthodox Calendar celebrates December 31st and January 14th, with fireworks and gifts for children, respectively. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and is a two-day festival in early autumn, filled with religious service and large meals. Chinese New Year is celebrated in late January or early February in accordance with the lunisolar Chinese calendar and includes a clean home, presents and gifts of money in red paper envelopes.

Woman In Pajamas ReadingRelax the Night Away Solo

Instead of getting yourself into a tizzy or dealing with the outside world, create a relaxing spa night so you can start your New Year’s with a fresh outlook. Take a long soak in a warm bath while enjoying a nice book. Paint your nails and make use of your favorite facial treatment from Sephora. Bake some cookies so your home will smell delicious and enjoy a tasty, homemade treat. There’s no harm in taking a little time for yourself on New Year’s Eve.

Plan Your Resolutions

There’s no time to plan for the future like the minute before. Use this time to set out your resolutions for the year. You can create plenty of fun activities. Write your resolution on a piece of paper and put it in a balloon to pop at midnight. Create a match game for the kids to pair similar resolutions. Cut out a handprint and write resolutions on it. You can even create a time capsule to open on New Year’s Eve next year to see how everyone followed through.

Whatever activities you plan for your New Year’s Eve, make it something you’ll enjoy. Spend time with those you love or bask in a solo night by yourself. As long as you’re spending New Year’s with a smile on your face, it’s sure to be a good year.

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