Rack Up Unlimited $25 Bonuses With Rakuten’s Refer-A-Friend Program

It’s a new year, which means a chance at new beginnings for many of us. Whether your New Year’s resolutions mean you have to hit the gym five times a week or read a new book every month, they’re going to require investment of your time and money. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you’re probably going to head out for a brew or two on St. Patrick’s Day.

New year, same spending… unless you have Rakuten. With Rakuten, you’ll earn Cash Back on every qualifying purchase and you can rack up those dollars even faster with our Refer-A-Friend program. What is our Refer A Friend program, you ask? Keep reading to learn how you can get unlimited $25 bonuses towards your quarterly Big Fat Check.

Our Refer-A-Friend program is nothing new, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, here it is: Invite your friends to join and spend their first $25 with Rakuten, and you can get unlimited $25 referral bonuses for yourself.

Yes, you read that correctly! When you invite your friends to join Rakuten and they spend $25, we’ll thank you with $25 towards your Big Fat Check. Refer as many friends as you want – there’s no cap. That’s a lot of money for doing minimal work!

This is how you can afford that gym membership, a library of new books, those diamond earrings she’s been not-so-subtly hinting at and even that St. Patty’s Day beer with Rakuten Dining. And don’t forget, you’re already getting Cash Back on all of this (minus the gym membership – for now).

Just how much can one $25 bonus buy you? We crunched some numbers, and it’s easy to see how $25 can help in your everyday life.

💧A new water bottle to keep you hydrated when you’re dripping in sweat cause you’re sticking to your New Year’s Resolution like a champion.

🏋️A kettlebell, so you can get your fitness on in the comfort of your home.

🍿Two movie tickets for date night. At least the matinee show. Or student tickets. Movies are expensive now. Or put your $25 towards concert tickets from Ticketmaster.

💝A half dozen gourmet drizzled strawberries because let’s be real – chocolate-covered strawberries taste better than roses on Valentine’s Day (and any day).

📚The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse to kick off your new literary year. It’s Barnes & Noble’s 2019 Book of the Year and a bestseller.

🍻Two sets of four beer mugs, so you and your friends can cheers all night long.​

You get the picture. Now, imagine how quickly those bonuses accumulate. 4 referrals = $100. 10 referrals = $250. 40 referrals = $1,000 (!!!). Add “making easy money” to your New Year’s resolutions.

Oh, did we mention that your friend gets a $10 Bonus once they spend $25 with Rakuten? Free money is the best money. How much more will your friend love you now?

You get $25. Your friend gets $10. All for joining Rakuten to get even more dollars (a.k.a. Cash Back). It’s the win-win situation of all win-win situations because I repeat, FREE. MONEY.

Make it another resolution to reach out to old friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and refer them to Rakuten. Sharing is caring, and with Rakuten, it pays to share; literally.

After all, new year, new you, right? Earn Cash Back. Share Cash Back. Repeat. Using Rakuten will be the easiest, most rewarding habit you get into this year. Don’t procrastinate like you do with other New Year’s resolutions!

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  1. Valerie S Rothschild

    This is such a great idea…I love getting money back for shopping!!!!

  2. Valerie S Rothschild

    Love saving money

  3. Tina Beamesderfer

    Join me now and start earning

  4. I have gotten checks from them and I Love it


    Iwish I could get a gift to my granddaughter electronic birthday

  6. Barb

    How do I get the credit on the referral? Do they just put my name on app.?

    • Daisy from Rakuten

      Hi Barb,

      Once you’re logged into your Rakuten account, you can visit our Refer A Friend page: https://www.rakuten.com/referral/default.do

      From there, you can invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or just share your unique link. Hope this helps!