7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Aren’t Dinner

When restaurants and movie theaters are slammed every February 14, get off the beaten path for a memorable outing. Instead of admitting that you forgot to make a reservation weeks in advance, you can plan a date that shows you put some effort into thinking of your loved one. We have seven Valentine’s Day date ideas for some real quality time together.

Find a Ferris Wheel

Many big cities have mega ferris wheels, but you may be lucky enough to have a quaint amusement park or fair open in your town. If you can’t find a ferris wheel, try an indoor carousel instead. Carousels often are near a park or garden you can stroll through to add to your romantic rendezvous.

Woman smiling in a car

Rent a Car

Does your loved one have a dream car? Rent it for one night to surprise your Valentine’s Day date when you pick them up. Take a winding drive to a beautiful lookout spot and take in the view. Book your car rental through Thrifty, Enterprise and National to get Cash Back when you shop with Ebates.

Freeze In a Cryo Chamber

People usually go to a spa to relax, but try mixing it up with a visit to a cryo chamber. The practice is reported to help with inflammation, so this could be a great recovery session if you and your loved one work out regularly. Groupon and LivingSocial are great places to look for offers on cryotherapy and other spa amenities. Many package deals also include float tanks, massages and infrared saunas.

Flea market

Check Out a Flea Market or Antique Store

Peruse some collectible junk during an afternoon of treasure hunting. Give yourselves an assignment to find something you’ve needed, or just see what pieces catch your eye. You could make it a contest to see who can find the most interesting item.


Go to an Arcade

Load up on quarters and be kids for a night. Stick to the classics or games that have a team aspect — basketball, Skee-Ball and air hockey are more fun when you play them together.

Plan an Ice Cream Crawl

Skip dinner and map out an ice cream crawl with several destinations (just share a scoop if you’re worried you’ll fill up quickly!). If you can walk, ride public transportation or take a Lyft between stops, even better — you can spend time talking in between.

Tour a Winery, Brewery or Chocolatier

With so many people making specialty, locally crafted alcohol and chocolates, you may have a unique opportunity to witness their art in action. Call a local brewery, winery or chocolate factory to see if they will book an exclusive tour and tasting for Valentine’s Day.

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