7 Ways to Say You’re Sorry for What You Did on Black Friday

How to Say Sorry for What You Did on Black Friday

If Black Friday shopping were a sport, you’d be MVP. Every year, you make a plan, and you execute it with minimal collateral damage. But let’s face it … other people can put a serious cramp in your Black Friday deals hunt. If you stepped on some toes this Black Friday, we at Ebates think it’s never too late to say you’re sorry. So after the high of nabbing all the Black Friday sales you could get your hands on crashes, and a moment of clarity hits you, take a look at these suggestions on how to make it up to your loved ones.

1. For the significant other who tried to sleep while you hit the snooze 10 times between 4 and 5 AM:

Bill Murray alarm clock Groundhog Day GIF

Offer peace of mind that it will never happen again by getting yourself a wearable, vibrating alarm.

2. For the neighbor who always has to make small talk as you’re running out the door:

Scream leave me alone Drew Barrymore GIF

Nothing says “Sorry I cut off that story about your grandson’s graduation because I was afraid they would run out of Shopkins” like a home-baked pie.

3. For the friend who drove with you to the mall and is now suffering from whiplash incurred when you frantically swerved into the last parking spot:

The Simpsons doing donuts GIF

How about a nice massage gift card? That should take care of the kink in her neck.

4. For the other friend who met you at the mall (the one with whom you argued while you were both hangry):

Gilmore Girls taco GIF

Graze box. Enough said.

5. For your dog who desperately wanted quality lap time while you were busy wrapping:

Adventure Time sad dog Jake GIF

A subscription to BarkBox and an extra-long ear scratching session.

6. For your mom who left you seven voicemails that you had all day to return, but didn’t because you’re a shopping machine:

The Cosby Show Clare Huxtable GIF

Make her a beautiful online video of the grandkids (or grand fur babies) and she’ll forget all about it.

7. For yourself, who slaved all day trying to find the best prices to make holiday magic happen for your family because you obviously love them as much as you love a good deal:

Oprah bubble bath champagne GIF

A hot, quiet bath. You earned it, Champ.


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