Win an iPad Air!

It’s the week of Black Friday and we are celebrating, as we do, with a fabulous giveaway. One lucky Ebates fan will win an iPad Air!

Win an iPad Air

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  1. The Holidays are just around the corner. would be great to win this giveaway

  2. Vanessa

    This would help me be on ebates all the time!!! I hope i am that lucky!

  3. Elaine Sipos

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Tim Shanks

    So, how do we actually sign up to win?

  5. noreen tibor

    Would love to win this

  6. Debra S.

    This would be an awesome device to win.

  7. I feel like I’m living in the dark ages!!! : ( I’m the old fart (39) who doesn’t have 1 single iPad yet! LOL I know Families that have 2 or 3 (mostly from work)! I digress… It would be lovely to have my very own. It’d help me with school & promoting my new business, among other things : ) Happy Winning!!!

  8. Would love to win this i pad mini. What a fantastic Christmas gift this would be for me…

  9. christy

    wow I have no luck but two kids would go crazy.

  10. I just started using ebates…LOVE IT!!! Done all my Christmas Shopping so far!!!

  11. Chong Thao

    I wish…. I wish…. 🙂

  12. John

    Ok I’m new here, hi all! So how do you win the prize? It doesn’t say or, I’m still tired from work and read over the pits!

  13. Kim F

    Wow! How awesome it would be to win this. My daughter is really wanting one for Christmas. However, I can’t afford one right now. Thanks for doing this.

  14. chenhui liu

    awesome website!

  15. Jessica Apted

    i would love to win this, i haven’t ever won anything like this before. it would be a great christmas present to myself.

  16. Kelly

    Would be a great win, could pay it forward to my son who is entering college in the fall.

  17. I would love to win this

  18. constance marzullo

    It would be so great if I won this i pad mini.

  19. deb

    this would be great to win