Get Outside! 6 Workouts You Can Do in the Fresh Spring Air

Spring is here and plenty of people are looking to get outdoors and spend some quality time in the fresh spring air, especially as we’re cooped up at home. What better way to spend your time than with an outdoor workout? Each exercise below can be done anytime, anywhere, and with minimal-to-no equipment.

Bodyweight routine

You don’t need equipment to get a great outdoor workout. Your own body weight is enough to get your muscles burning if you know the right moves. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with simple movements like push-ups or situps. Challenge yourself to a set number each day and try to hit a weekly goal as well. You can start to incorporate moves like burpees, mountain climbers, squats, and lunges into your routine as you get stronger. Depending on your weight, you may need to perform more sets and repetitions to get a good burn going. Just listen to your body and do what feels best.

short arrow Routine

Push-ups: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions

Sit-ups: 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions

Squats: 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions

Kettlebell circuit

I’ve talked about the benefits of kettlebells in the past and my stance hasn’t changed. It’s amazing how much one simple workout tool can change how you approach fitness. Kettlebells are relatively easy to transport just about anywhere, so you can get an outdoor spring workout in at home or at your favorite park if it’s open. Beginners should start with a 20-25 lb bell and move up once they feel comfortable. You can get a nice set at a great price from Dick’s Sporting Goods here.

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Kettlebell squats: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Kettlebell deadlifts: 3 sets of 20 repetitions

Kettlebell wall sits: 3 sets of 60 seconds

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

This type of training is incredible for your metabolism, and you’ll feel its effects long after your workout is complete. Plus, it’s easy to apply to nearly any type of exercise that you enjoy, especially outdoor workouts where you can get your sweat on in the fresh spring air. The principle behind HIIT is simple: short bursts of movement followed by a relatively short recovery period. For instance, if you’re a cyclist, you could ride hard for 60 seconds followed by 90 seconds of coasting. Repeat that cycle as many times as you’re able within a 10-15 minute period for a complete workout.

short arrow Routine

Choose your activity – walking and running, cycling, etc.

Select a total workout time. Usually 10 to 15 minutes.

Exert yourself for 60 seconds, then rest for 90 seconds. Repeat until your time is up.


Sandbag training

Sandbags are becoming increasingly popular among the CrossFit crowd, but you don’t have to be an athlete or a gym junkie to benefit from training with them. In fact, you don’t even need a sand bag to train this way. Sandbags are awkward to carry and require creative approaches to lift and maneuver them. This puts a lot of muscle groups to work at the same time and helps activate different muscle fibers. If you have something heavy and awkward laying around the house, you can use that. A bag of rice, litter, or grain could work.

short arrow Routine

Sandbag carry: Pick up your sandbag or chosen item and carry for 1,000 feet. Perform 3 sets of 1,000 feet.

Sandbag lifts: Lift your sandbag or item from the ground and drop. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.

Sandbag holds: Straighten your arms and hold your sandbag or chosen item for 60 seconds. Perform 5 sets for 60 seconds each.


TRX was created by Navy SEALS as a way to get a great full-body workout anywhere at any time. It’s essentially a set of heavy-duty straps with handles on the end, which can be secured to your door or any type of strong support like a favorite tree. The point is, you can take it anywhere, which makes it an ideal candidate for an outdoor workout this spring. Each TRX comes with a complete list of exercises so you can create your own routine using the suggestions. I’ve put together a few of my favorites below.

short arrow Routine

TRX flys: 3 sets of 5-10 reps.

TRX push-ups: 3 sets of 10-20 reps.

TRX seated pull-ups: 3 sets of 5-15 reps. Final set until failure.

Everyday activities

Don’t forget that going for a nice walk or jog, shooting hoops at the basketball court, hiking a new trail, jumping rope and the like are all great activities that are even more enjoyable in the spring air. Allergies got you down? Check out some allergy-relief options to remedy this season’s bug.

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