19 Feelings You’ll Experience When Black Friday Shopping and How to Deal

Shopping in-store this Black Friday? You’re up to the challenge, right? Here’s how it’s gonna play out. Take it from us; we’re psychic like that.

You, being responsible and ever-prepared, do your homework. You browse Black Friday ads ahead of time and curate the best gosh darn game plan in Black Friday shopper history. You also make sure you download the Rakuten App and link your credit card to all the stores you plan to shop so you can get In-Store Cash Back.

You give yourself a little pep talk. It’s a day where only the savvy and strong survive, and you’re gonna kill it. Right? RIGHT.

Then you get yourself pumped, whether it’s a run around the neighborhood, a wrestle-sesh with your nieces and nephews or just some casual weightlifting.

You’re getting a little scared, so you eagerly invite (read: beg) your BFFs to join you in the madness of navigating your shopping list and grabbing those deals.

When you arrive, the parking lot looks like this.

And if you can’t park like a boss the second a spot opens up, it’s circle-around city for you, my friend.

Then the crowds LOOK LIKE THIS OMG.

But you’re not a quitter. Determination is your name, and shopping is your game.

You have a little snack to keep your energy up and your game face on.

Just as you finish that smushed granola bar you stashed in your purse, you spot the one item you came for.

After casually elbowing a few people, you successfully claim your prize.

You realize you’ve hit your fun ceiling and it’s time to go home.

Time to scoop up all your friends from whatever pile they’re hiding under and brave the lines.

Be careful not to break your back as you gather up your things and head to the register.

You feel so accomplished as you head to the car.

But when you get home and see the pile of receipts, you have second thoughts.

But not for long, because you have to prepare for Cyber Monday and all the online shopping you’re going to do.

At least this time, you can do it in your pajamas.

Plus, when you get your Big Fat Check from Rakuten on top of all the deals you got on Black Friday, you’ll be like…

You did it. You not only survived – you THRIVED because you got Cash Back during Black Friday. Just to get you even more pumped for Black Friday, take a look at how our smart shoppers did during Black Friday 2018. They racked up some big bucks, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll do this year.

Number of Shopping Trips made with Rakuten: 7,333,899

Total Cash Back earned by our shoppers: $40,975,479.55

Most Cash Back earned by one person in a single transaction: $4,515.90 (!!) at Ralph Lauren

Your favorite stores: Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, eBay

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