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Boost Bonus FAQ

What’s a Cash Back boost?

A Cash Back boost is a special bonus that offers more Cash Back on top of the normal Cash Back rate.

How does the boost work?

If the normal Cash Back rate is 5% and we offer you a 5% boost, you’ll get 10% Cash Back on your purchase until you hit the boost cap.

How does the boost cap work?

There’s a limit on how much you can earn with a boost. Be sure to check the reward details and terms to find out the boost cap.

Do the Cash Back rates I see include the boost?

Yes, when a boost is unlocked, any rate you see on Rakuten will include the normal Cash Back + the boost rate.

Can any purchase use a boost?

Like all our deals, certain stores, items and categories may be excluded from earning Cash Back. Be sure to check the reward details and terms of your boost to understand the boost exclusions and cap.

Do boosts expire?

Yes, each boost has a certain timeframe in which you can use it. Be sure to check the reward details and terms to know how long you have to use your boost.

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