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How can I rate a Seller?

Published: 01/13/2016 09:26 AM Updated: 07/06/2017 09:30 AM encourages all its customers to leave ratings and feedback for the sellers from which they purchase items! Even better, when you write a seller review, we’ll award you Rakuten Super Points™!

The feedback from our customers becomes a valuable tool for all of our customers to determine the quality of that seller as they can be viewed from the Seller's listings. Additionally, will deactivate any seller whose rating drops below 3 stars.

How to Leave Seller Feedback

To leave feedback for a seller after accessing your Order History, please:

  1. Locate the item from the seller you would like to review
  2. Click the "Leave Seller Feedback" link, which will only appear after 7 days from the purchase date and remain available to use or update until up to 90 days after the date of purchase
    Click the 'Leave Seller Feedback' link
  3. Fill out the provided Web form

How to Review Your Feedback on the Seller's Page

You can see your review on the seller's information page. To locate it, please:

  1. Select "Sellers" from the search bar's drop down menu
  2. Enter the name of the seller whose reviews you want to see
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon to initiate your search
  4. Click the "Visit Seller's Store" link below the logo of the seller for which you wish to see the reviews
    Click the 'Visit Seller's Store' link below the logo of the seller for which you wish to see the reviews
  5. Select "Shop Summary" from the "Shop Info" drop down menu in the shop's header
    Select 'Shop Summary' from the 'Shop Info' drop down menu in the shop's header
  6. Click the "Feedback" tab to see the overall feedback rating as well as our customers' written reviews
    Click the 'Feedback' tab
Here you will see all customer feedback we have received on a seller. Because seller feedback is pushed live within minutes, you should be able to see you review shortly after providing it.

Altering, Deleting, or Updating Reviews does not currently allow for the deletion of reviews; however, reviews may be updated.

To update or change a review you left previously, click the "Leave Seller Feedback" link and you will see your review available to be altered, modified, or otherwise edited.

Rakuten Super Points™ for Seller Feedback

To earn Rakuten Super Points™ for your review, each unique review must be written after 5/10/2011 and contain a minimum of 250 characters excluding extra spaces, punctuation, or emoticons. Reviews placed by an automated system, as well as duplicate reviews (even if used for different sellers), do not qualify.

Rakuten Super Points™ awarded from Seller reviews will be posted immediately to your account, and will expire 180 days after the review’s submission.


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