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What if I forgot my Account's Password?

Published: 01/13/2016 09:28 AM Updated: 05/02/2017 12:10 PM

To reset a password you forgot:

  1. Click the "My Account" drop down menu located at the top of any page.              
  2. Click "My Account"                  
  3. Click " Forgot Your Password?" located under “Account Settings” in the “Settings” section of the page                 
  4. Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and click the Continue button.                                                             
  5. Click the link provided in the email                                                                                          
  6. Enter and confirm your new case sensitive password that is 8 to 128 characters in length                                                                
  7. Click the “Reset Password” button to complete the change

What do I do if I am not receiving the password reset email?

For security reasons, all password reset requests are emailed a unique, specially generated Web page for the user to reset a password. In order to provide the utmost security for all our customers, we are unable to bypass this process.

If you are still not able to reset your password, you can always create a new account or check out as a guest if you do not have an additional email address you can use.


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