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What does my order status mean?

Published: 01/13/2016 09:30 AM Updated: 07/03/2017 07:37 AM

You can find your order's status in your Account Order History. If you do not know how to access your order history, please go here.

For a complete list of the statuses you may see in your account, please see the chart below.




An order that is processing is going through 2 stages, authorization and fulfillment. The authorization process is the process by which we verify that your payment is authorized to prevent fraudulent orders. During fulfillment, the seller or warehouse will then obtain the stock for your item, package it for shipping, and arrange tracking and shipment for the item with the carrier.

Your order can be cancelled within the first 15 minutes of order processing. Otherwise, once processing is complete, your order will enter the shipping process. Please go here for more information about processing.

Sent to Warehouse For orders shipped by, once we have verified your payment and your order has been sent to our warehouse to be fulfilled. Please go here for more information about fulfillment.
In the Shipping Process For orders shipped by, your order is being picked from the shelves, packaged, and stacked on the loading dock. Please go here for more information about how long your order will take once it has shipped.
Shipped The item is with the carrier and tracking should be available through your order history. For more information about how to get your tracking, please go here.
PayPal Pending Within 3 hours, you must either complete your PayPal checkout procedure or switch to some other method of payment (e.g. Visa or MasterCard®), otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled. Please go here for more information regarding the PayPal process.
On Order We are making every effort to ship your product to you as soon as possible. Unless your item is on pre-order, our supplier has not given us an expected arrival date, but we will send you emails updating you on the status of your order.
Cancellation Requested A request has been made to cancel this item. We will email you within 1 business day to let you know if we can honor your request. Sometimes, items enter the shipping process before we can cancel them. For more information about cancelling a Rakuten order, please go here.
Cancelled Your order for this item has been cancelled. For more information about cancelling a order, please go here.
RMA Issued A return merchandise authorization (RMA) number has been issued for this item. We are waiting for the item to be received by our warehouse. For more information about's return policy, please go here.
RMA Received The returned product has been received by our warehouse, and your refund or replacement order will soon be processed. If you requested a replacement, you will receive an email with the new order number when it is created. For more information about's return policy, please go here.



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