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Does Rakuten offer items with rebates?

Published: 01/13/2016 09:14 AM Updated: 04/06/2017 11:10 AM


Rakuten offers 2 forms of rebates:

  • Instant - These rebates are applied automatically at checkout
  • Mail-In - These rebates can be received by following the instructions on the rebate form provided on your receipt in your Order History

For more information on how to get use an instant rebate, also called a coupon, please go here.

If an item has a rebate available, it will show below the price of the item. The “Details” link can be clicked to reveal more information about the rebate.

Where do I find the mail-in rebate forms for my orders?

You can find the rebate forms for any of your purchases that offered them in your Rakuten Order History. If you do not know how to locate your order history, please go here.

Once you have located your order that has the item with the rebate, please click on the "View Printable Receipt" link located in the top right of the order to access your receipt with the link to the rebate form.

How can I make sure my mail-in rebate is successfully processed?

Each manufacturer has different terms and conditions, processing times, and tracking methods for rebate submissions. You can find all this information by checking the terms and conditions on your rebate form.

The following tips may also be helpful when filling out your rebate form:

  • Read your rebate form thoroughly! Each rebate offer is unique with different start and end dates and postmark date requirements. Follow the directions carefully, incomplete or incorrect forms will be denied by the manufacturer.
  • Make copies of all your paperwork! This includes your rebate form, receipt, UPC code, and any other requirements listed on the form. If you do not make copies the manufacturer will not be able to help if any issues arise.
  • Make sure your name and address are clearly written on the rebate form! If your handwriting is difficult to read this may slow down the submission process or cause the rebate to be rejected.
  • Make sure you mail your paperwork before the postmark deadline! The postmark date is the date the post office stamps your envelope. You may not qualify if you mail your paperwork after that date.

We advise against relying on any rebate for items that are out of stock as we are unable to guarantee that a rebate can be claimed should the item arrive in time to meet the postmark deadline. Items that offer rebates and are out of stock may not ship in time for the rebate to be claimed.

What do I do if my rebate was denied?

If your rebate was denied, you will need to contact the rebate center that processed your submission as Rakuten does not have access to manufacturer approvals or denials. If you have problems getting in touch with the rebate center, you may need to contact the manufacturer directly.


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