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How can I see an item's shipping costs?

Published: 01/13/2016 09:19 AM Updated: 06/26/2017 01:01 PM

On the Listing

You can see the cost for the slowest shipping speed to the right of the item's cost on every listing.

In Your Cart

You can also see the cost of the slowest shipping speed by clicking the "Checkout" button in your cart. This will bring you to your cart page where you can adjust the items in your cart. By entering the shipping zip code and clicking the "Estimate" button, you can see the total shipping costs for the slowest shipping speed in the "Order Summary" section.

Other Shipping Speeds

If you would like to see the cost of any other shipping speed, you can do so during the checkout process. When you change speeds during the confirmation stage of checkout, the charges automatically recalculate and display in your order summary window.

The shipping costs and availability of shipping speeds may vary depending on the seller of the item and your shipping location. For Alaska and Hawaii, we currently offer only Second Day and Next Day shipping and a special handling fee may apply at checkout. You will be notified of these fees during the confirmation stage of checkout.

Discounted and Combined Shipping Costs does not currently offer discounted shipping for the purchase of multiple items or multiple quantities items.

Because's warehouses and marketplace sellers are located all over the United States, each carrying different items and different levels of inventory, we are frequently we are unable to combine items for shipping.


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