The Man, The Myth, The Mutant
When choosing which mutant hero they would use to launch the X-Men feature-film prequel series Origins, the creators of the hugely successful franchise had a no-brainer of a decision in going with Wolverine. Not only is he the most well-known and popular X-Men character, but Wolverine--as brought expertly to life in true leading-man fashion by Hugh Jackman--was essentially the star of the three previous X-Men movies, which you can catch up on and see all at once with the X-Men Trilogy Pack.

Check out the TV Series X-Men Evolution that hit screens in 2000, a show that backtracks to feature the team members as kids; if this isn't for you, we've got Marvel Comic Book Collection DVDs, faithfully adapted from the original comic books. Grab the new Volumes 3 & 4 today!

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