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Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

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The story of Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny follows Viese and Felt, two orphans from the land of Eden. At the beginning of the story an earthquake has caused vast portions of the land to disappear! Viese and Felt have volunteered to find out what has happened and to prevent the world of Eden from being destroyed completely. With the aid of a magical sword called the Azure Azoth, Felt sets off through a gate to another world called Belkhyde to search for the answer to their trouble while Viesa remains in Eden to take care of things there.

Throughout the game you control Viesa and Felt on their quest. Viesa has just become an alchemist; with the help of the Mana spirits of the world, this gives her the ability to take various items and magically form new items. In order to create a new item, Viesa will need a recipe indicating what ingredients to combine as well as those ingredients. All of these items can be found in various locations throughout the lands, some in Eden and some in Belkhyde. Many of the items Viesa can create with alchemy will be of great help to Felt as he explores Belkhyde and fights in battles; since Felt doesn't have the ability to create items, they will need the help of a share ring which provides the ability to exchange items even though they are in two different worlds. To progress through the game, Felt will often need to coordinate with Viesa to get useful items for either solving puzzles or making battles easier. As Felt explores Belkhyde, he will meet numerous other characters and will need to undergo various quests in order to save Eden.

The battles in the game are turn based; there is a meter at the top of the screen showing each of the characters in the battle with the rightmost character having the next turn. On each turn players may choose one of several attack options. There are two basic types of attacks, break attacks which will send your opponents further left on the meter providing more time or an extra turn, and charge attacks which increase the skill meter. Each character also has special skills which can be used if you have enough points on the skill meter. Battles are encountered randomly; as you wander enemy infested areas, a meter on the screen begins blue in color and slowly fades to red; the closer to red the meter is, the greater your chances of encountering a random battle. As you defeat enemies, this meter will slowly drain; when the meter is empty, you have defeated all of the enemies in that area. As you win battles, experience points are earned allowing your characters to level up and become more powerful.

As you progress through the game, the story will unfold. You can learn more about the land and what's going on by talking to the many people you'll find as well as through cut scenes at various points.


Manufacturer Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
SKU 202100118
UPC 857823001024
UPC 14 00857823001024
Format PlayStation 2
ReviewSource AceGamez
Review Atelier Iris 2 is in many ways a typical RPG, with multiple characters, random battles and experience points, but it has enough quirks to lift it from being just another RPG to something a bit more special. The two main characters, Felt and Viese, are alchemists in training in the beautiful land of Eden. They are orphans and best friends, virtually inseparable. But despite this, Felt dreams of leaving Eden to travel through the Belkhyde gate and see what lies beyond. His dreams are answered after the earthquake hits Eden and someone is needed to go through the gate and find out exactly what is happening. Felt and Viese are separated, Viese remaining in Eden to practice alchemy, while Felt travels to Belkhyde to discover the truth behind Eden's sudden misfortunes...Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny doesn't break the mold for RPGs but it still contains some very inspired moments. The obvious encouragement of creativity actually makes you feel like an alchemist working at his or her cauldron, mixing various potions that might just prove to be the best healing elixir ever. Graphically and musically it can feel a touch retro, but that is not a bad thing, in fact it suits the style wonderfully and the visuals make a change from the fifty-shades-of-blue skies or one-hundred-shades-of-green grass seen in other RPGs. Just because a game is produced with a simpler style, it does not detract from its beauty. Gameplay-wise, Atelier Iris 2 is smooth and easy to get into, with regular tutorials helping you to learn about an otherwise very complicated game system and the battles are at times a pure pleasure to fight. Simply put, there's very to dislike about Atelier 2, so whether you're an RPG veteran or have only played a couple then try it out, because as RPGs go you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer Sophie Jackson
ReviewRating 8
ACTB System: Character action turns are represented on the Action Cost Time Battle bar. The closer your character is to the right end, the quicker you move. If a character is "knocked" into the orange bar on the left by enemy attacks, the character becomes vulnerable to multiple chain attacks for extra damage.
Battle System: Improving upon the cost turn battle system of Atelier Iris, Atelier Iris 2 adopts a whole new active time battle system. Fight your way through to save Eden from destruction. Atelier Iris 2 uses the "Action Cost Time Battle System" charging you different amounts of time for each action. The "ACTB" bar indicates character sequences. Those who are closer to the right will move first. The farther you are from the right edge, the longer it takes for your turn to move.
Chain Attacks: Once a character is in break mode they are open to enemy chain attacks. Any attack during break mode adds on as a hit. The more hits you make, the more damage you do. Your own characters are also open to enemy break attacks, so be careful when your character icon is near the break zone.
Character Switch: In Atelier Iris 2 players will be controlling two main characters. In the world of Belkhyde you will control Felt for battles and in Eden you will control Viese to support Felt with Mana items.
Charge Attacks: In order to use the special skills of your characters, you must fill your charge meter. The charge meter is located on the top right hand of the battle screen. Every time your character attacks or gets hit the meter charges. The number represented on the meter is the number of skills you can use. However, some special skills require more than one charge.
Elemental Extraction: Elemental extraction is an ancient art of alchemy used to collect natural elements required for wielding items and spells. Both Felt and Viese can extract elements by destroying objects found in dungeons and action maps.
Item Synthesis: In the beginning of the game, Viese is the only alchemist who can create valuable Mana items. Therefore, you are required to switch your characters between Felt and Viese to synthesize items. Item synthesis is a Mana skill to create new items from objects you collect during the quest. Items you create can be used to blacksmith new weapons during the quest. The more items you create, the more weapons you can blacksmith.
Mana Spirits: The world of Iris is powered by spirits called Mana. There are wood Mana, flower Mana, lightning Mana, and others. Characters can work with Mana to create items and special spells to use during the quest.
Special Skills: Charge your power to pull off spectacular special moves. Special skills range from attack moves to healing moves.
Story: The story events set the setting and explain your mission. The initial goal of the game is to save Eden from destruction.
Travel: Travel between destinations is conducted on a simple map. Simply point and click the destination you wish to go.
eToychest ...a lot of fun, and offers all of the humor, charm, and personality we have come to expect from NIS America.
GameBrink ...manages to incorporate incredibly creative and new ideas into an old formula with amazingly fun results.
Just RPG A fun role-playing game that fans of the original should welcome with open arms.
Netjak It's the kind of game that made me feel disappointed it was over.
RPG Fan If you're looking for a fun 30-40 hour game to play, Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny is a clear choice.
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