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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns-Nla

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by Adam on 12/8/2007

Don't judge a book by its cover. That's what everyone's mothers have told them since they were kids, and it applies to everything, including wrestling games. Since most people are turned off to Fire Pro by its graphics, I'm going to start with that. Yes, the Smackdown series has realistic graphics, but who cares about graphics when the gameplay sucks? Fire Pro sticks to the traditional 2-D style it's had since its SNES days because the jump to 3-D would change what most consider a perfected formula. The game is in 2-D, but it's some of the best 2-D graphics I've ever seen. The environment in which you wrestle in is all rendered in 3-D, just the characters are 2-D. Plus the animations are so smooth and fluid, something that is extremely hard to accomplish with 3-D games. The moves in this game look hands down more realistic and brutal than any 3-D wrestling game out there. Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to where this game really shines: GAMEPLAY. Agetech has worked on and perfected the Fire Pro engine for years. Fire Pro Returns is the pinnacle of those years of labor. Every match in this game plays out as realistic as a real wrestling match. Don't you hate when you're playing Smackdown and you see Ray Mysterio Jr. suplex Andre the Giant? Not in Fire Pro. Don't you also hate in Smackdown when you powerbomb your opponent 5 times in a row and he just hops right back up like nothing happened? Again, NOT in Fire Pro! The developers of this game are wrestling fans, and it shows. Plus, you get all the crazy match types they have in Japan. Landmine Deathmatch, where the outside of the ring is covered in barbwire and if you get tossed out there, you're greeted with an explosion. They even have a match type with florescent light bulbs stuck in the corners of the ring, and after a certain amount of time, the entire ring explodes, knocking everyone out! In addition they even have the Octagon cage match from UFC. You can even play out UFC style matches where submissions only count. They even have karate matches where you can only use strikes. The developers thought of everything and than some. Oh, and then there is the edit mode. EVERYTHING in this game is customizable. You can create your own wrestlers (UP to 500!!!!!) and edit any of the existing 300 or so wrestlers. You can create your own belts and fight for them, you can create your own ring and mat logo (also a logo for your own custom federation or stable!). You can even create your own referee and adjust his AI. There's just too many things to mention. If I haven't already convinced you to buy this game, then just youtube some videos of Fire Pro Returns. Still not convinced? Than you either hate wrestling overall or you're just a WWE fanboy that hasn't been exposed to any other wrestling federations. Are you still reading this? Scroll back up and click ADD TO CART now!!!!

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I love this GAME

by David Woolbright on 12/9/2007

This game will take you back to the days of the old Arcade days of Superstars of Wrestling & Wrestlefest. That's actually not a bad thing. With more than 800 wrestlers to choose from, you can't go wrong. The difficulty only comes from learning the grappling and strike systems. This game is a must have! At $14.99, how can you pass it up?

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Japan's most legendary wrestling series makes its PS2 debut this fall. The incredibly popular Fire Pro Wrestling series is famous for its unparalleled gameplay depth and unmatched customization options, and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is the biggest and best yet.


Manufacturer SVG Distribution
SKU 205611610
UPC 093992092801
UPC 14 00093992092801
Format PlayStation 2
First time on PS2 in North America
Up to 8 plays simultaneously go toe to toe
A huge variety of match types with a complete arsenal of wrestling moves and holds
Match Maker mode lets players set up their own wrestling show, earn money, and lure talent
The ability to create your own referee, ring, logo and even belt allows players to play their dream match
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