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Kingston KVR1333D3S4R9S/4G 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL9 DIMM Server Memory with Thermal Server - KVR1333D3S4R9S/4G

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Product Overview

Systems Supported: (ASUS/ASmobile) KCMA-D8 Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) KCMR-D12 Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) KGPE-D16 Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS500-E6/PS4 Rackmount Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS520-E6/RS8 Rackmount Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS700-E6/RS4 Rackmount Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS700D-E6/PS8 Rackmount Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS702D-E6/PS8 Rackmount Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS704DA-E6/PS4 Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) RS720-E6/RS12 Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) TS500-E6/PS4 Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) TS700-E6/RS8 Server; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8NA-D6 Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8NA-D6C Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8NH-D12 Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8NR-D12 Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8PE-D12 / Z8PE-D12X (ASMB4-IKVM) Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8PE-D18 Server Motherboard; (ASUS/ASmobile) Z8PH-D12 SE/QDR Server Motherboard; (Gigabyte) GA-7TCSV2 Motherboard; (Gigabyte) GA-7TEWH Motherboard; (Gigabyte) GS-R22T81-RH Server; (Intel) MFS5520VI Compute Module; (Intel) S5500HCV Server; (Intel) S5500HV Server; (Intel) S5500WB Server; (Intel) S5520HC/S5520HCV Server; (Intel) S5520SC Workstation; (Intel) S5520UR Server; (Intel) S5520VI Server; (Intel) SR1600UR Server; (Intel) SR1625UR Server; (Intel) SR1670HV Server System; (Intel) SR1680MV Server System; (Intel) SR1690WB Server System; (Intel) SR1695WB Server System; (Intel) SR2600UR Server; (Intel) SR2612UR Server System; (Intel) SR2625UR Server; (MSI) 709-92C2-02S Server; (MSI) MS-91A3 (BTO) Motherboard; (Quanta) QSSC-S4R Server; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1012C-MRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1012G-MTF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1022G-NTF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1022G-URF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1022GG-TF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1022TC-IBQF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1022TC-TF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1042G-TF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 1122GG-TF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2022G-URF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2022TG-HIBQRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2022TG-HTRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2042G-6RF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2042G-TRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2122TG-HIBQRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 2122TG-HTRF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 4022G-6F; (Supermicro) A+ Server 4042G-6RF; (Supermicro) A+ Server 4042G-TRF; (Supermicro) B8DT6 Motherboard; (Supermicro) B8DTL-E Motherboard; (Supermicro) B8DTL-L Motherboard; (Supermicro) B8DTP Motherboard; (Supermicro) BHDGT Motherboard; (Supermicro) BHQGE Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DCT-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DCT-IBQF Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DG6 Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DG6-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGG-QF Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGi Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGi-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGT-HF Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGT-HIBQF Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGU Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8DGU-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8QG6+-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8QG6-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8QGi+-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8QGi-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8SCM Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8SCM-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8SGL Motherboard; (Supermicro) H8SGL-F Motherboard; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBA-7142G-T4; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBA-7222G-T2; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-S6; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-SH; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-T1E; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-T1L; (Supermicro) SuperBlade Module SBI-7226T-T2; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026GT-TF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026GT-TF-FM105; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026GT-TF-FM107; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026GT-TF-FM205; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026GT-TF-FM207; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-6RF+; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-6RFT+; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-M3; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-UF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-URF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026T-URF4+; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026TT-IBQF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026TT-IBXF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 1026TT-TF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 2026TT-H6RF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 2026TT-HIBQRF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 2026TT-HIBXRF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 2026TT-HTRF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 5086B-TRF (SYS-5086B-TRF); (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-FM105; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-FM107; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-FM205; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-FM207; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TC1; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TC2; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM1; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016GT-TF-TM2; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-6F; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-6RF+; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-6RFT+; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-GIBQF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-GIBXF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-GTF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-MR; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-MT; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-MTHF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-MTLF; (Supermicro) SuperServer 6016T-NTF; (Supermicro) SuperServe


Manufacturer Kingston
Mfg Part# KVR1333D3S4R9S/4G
SKU 221984686
UPC 740617189766
UPC 14 00740617189766
Product Type RAM Module
Manufacturer Part Number KVR1333D3S4R9S/4G
Manufacturer Kingston Technology Company
Product Model KVR1333D3S4R9S/4G
Product Name ValueRAM 4GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module
Product Line ValueRAM
Brand Name Kingston
Compatibility ASUS/ASmobile KCMA-D8 Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile KCMR-D12 Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile KGPE-D16 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile RS500-E6/PS4 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile RS520-E6/RS8 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile RS700D-E6/PS8 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile RS700-E6/RS4 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile RS702D-E6/PS8 Rackmount Server ASUS/ASmobile RS704DA-E6/PS4 Server ASUS/ASmobile RS720-E6/RS12 Server ASUS/ASmobile TS500-E6/PS4 Server ASUS/ASmobile TS700-E6/RS8 Server ASUS/ASmobile Z8NA-D6 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8NA-D6C Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8NH-D12 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8NR-D12 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8PE-D12 / Z8PE-D12X (ASMB4-IKVM) Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8PE-D18 Server Motherboard ASUS/ASmobile Z8PH-D12 SE/QDR Server Motherboard Gigabyte GA-7TCSV2 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-7TEWH Motherboard Intel MFS5520VI Compute Module Intel S5500HCV Server Intel S5500HV Server Intel S5500WB Server Intel S5520HC/S5520HCV Server Intel S5520SC Workstation Intel S5520UR Server Intel S5520VI Server Intel SR1600UR Server Intel SR1625UR Server Intel SR1670HV Server System Intel SR1680MV Server System Intel SR1690WB Server System Intel SR1695WB Server System Intel SR2600UR Server Intel SR2612UR Server System Intel SR2625UR Server MSI 709-92C2-02S Server MSI MS-91A3 (BTO) Motherboard Quanta QSSC-S4R Server Supermicro A+ Server 1012C-MRF Supermicro A+ Server 1012G-MTF Supermicro A+ Server 1022GG-TF Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-NTF Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-URF Supermicro A+ Server 1042G-TF Supermicro A+ Server 1122GG-TF Supermicro A+ Server 2022G-URF Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HIBQRF Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HTRF Supermicro A+ Server 2042G-6RF Supermicro A+ Server 2042G-TRF Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-HIBQRF Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-HTRF Supermicro A+ Server 4022G-6F Supermicro A+ Server 4042G-6RF Supermicro A+ Server 4042G-TRF Supermicro B8DT6 Motherboard Supermicro B8DTL-E Motherboard Supermicro B8DTL-L Motherboard Supermicro B8DTP Motherboard Supermicro BHDGT Motherboard Supermicro BHQGE Motherboard Supermicro H8DCT-F Motherboard Supermicro H8DCT-IBQF Motherboard Supermicro H8DG6 Motherboard Supermicro H8DG6-F Motherboard Supermicro H8DGG-QF Motherboard Supermicro H8DGi Motherboard Supermicro H8DGi-F Motherboard Supermicro H8DGT-HF Motherboard Supermicro H8DGT-HIBQF Motherboard Supermicro H8DGU Motherboard Supermicro H8DGU-F Motherboard Supermicro H8QG6+-F Motherboard Supermicro H8QG6-F Motherboard Supermicro H8QGi+-F Motherboard Supermicro H8QGi-F Motherboard Supermicro H8SCM Motherboard Supermicro H8SCM-F Motherboard Supermicro H8SGL-F Motherboard Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7142G-T4 Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7222G-T2 Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-S6 Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-SH Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-T1E Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBI-7126T-T1L Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBI-7226T-T2 Supermicro SuperServer 1026GT-TF Supermicro SuperServ
Number of Pins 240-pin
Form Factor DIMM
Device Supported Workstation
Error Checking ECC
Number of Modules 1 x 4 GB
Signal Processing Registered
Memory Speed 1333 MHz
Memory Size 4 GB
Memory Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Standard DDR3-1333/PC3-10600
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