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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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on 4/6/2013

I got this for my ten year old & more often than not, I will catch both my husband & the kid playing it together, they will sit there for hours on end with this one. It's a constant shoot, kick, punch, slam, you name it. It is a bit violent, so I don't recommend play without supervision but it's mainly OK because it is not AS violent as others out in the market and definitely not as gory & bloody as most.

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The greatest Super Hero action/RPG of all time is back with the world's largest army of heroes and villains in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Incorporating elements of the acclaimed Marvel Civil War storyline, the game allows players to choose their side and team up with revered heroes and villains, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Deadpool, Venom, Green Goblin and Captain America. Players can combine characters' powers and unleash astonishing new attacks.


Manufacturer Activision Blizzard
Mfg Part# 83455
SKU 210982887
UPC 047875834552
UPC 14 00047875834552
Format PlayStation 3
ReviewSource PGNx Media
Review Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, the sequel to 2006's Ultimate Alliance, takes place during the Civil War period of the comics. In case you are unfamiliar with the comics, the Civil War doesn't refer to the American Civil War but rather the 2006 crossover event written by Mark Millar. In the storyline, focus on the Superhuman Registration Act, which was passed after a superhero-related event killed over 600 people. The Marvel superheroes quickly break off into two sides: one, led by Iron Man, are in favor of the registration, while the other, led by Captain America, who refuses to chase down superheroes, strongly opposes it. The game diverges from the comics at one point, which may turn off fans of the comics, but delivers a rather satisfying story nonetheless...There are gameplay enhancements that seem relatively minor but do make the experience notably better. New to the game is the ability to heal team members (or revive them completely) something that should enable stronger players to play alongside weaker players and have them both have fun, especially combined with the new medal system. There's also a neat touch in co-op game that lets you use your skill points on-the-fly without pausing the action while an A.I. character takes control of your character. It keeps the game moving and doesn't force the other players to stop because someone is upgrading their character...Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is certainly the most refined game in its series (including its prequel and the X-Men Legends game before it). The gameplay is as engaging as always, especially when playing with friends. The addition of fusion moves and Vicarious Visions' efforts to make the game more accessible also result in a very fun game. If you didn't see what all the fuzz was about before, this won't change your mind but if you loved Ultimate Alliance, then you just found your next must-have.
Reviewer Adam Nunez
ReviewRating 8
Review The lineage of the Marvel action RPG is beginning to look a bit like the New Testament. X-Men Legends begat X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. X-Men Legends II begat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. And now, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance begets Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. So it is written, so it is done...Yes, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man are back to remind you that pounding your controller's face buttons while monitoring health bars and stamina meters is actually quite a bit of fun. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 takes the tried and true formula of taking a team of four heroes into battle and leveling them up via orbs and XP and tosses in some brand new Fusion Powers that allow you to unite two of your characters in one massive attack...I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the trivia game and mission simulator are back and welcome distractions, but they're presented in the same way as the original game. It eventually gets to the point where you have to scratch your head and wonder why this game took three years to produce when it's so similar to the last one. There are some new audio logs, but they're nothing to write home about seeing as how the voice acting here is pretty bad. I mean, Thor is terrible every time he opens his mouth and the Incredible Hulk radio show that's embedded in the credits is downright awful and a clear indication that the emotional toll of the Civil War storyline was overlooked for this game...There's no denying that leveling up Iron Man, unlocking Deadpool, and getting Spidey's alternate outfit is fun, but we've done this so many times before. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 adds in Fusion powers, characters, and a bunch of boosts, but in the end it's not enough to keep this from feeling like extremely well-worn territory. I don't have that spark to see and do everything because I feel like I've seen and done everything before. The Stark Tower hub is nearly identical, the cutscenes don't look good, the audio logs to find aren't interesting, and the presentation of the Civil War really doesn't do the emotional storyline justice...In the end, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is fun at times, but it's nothing impressive overall.
Reviewer Greg Miller
ReviewRating 7
Wield Next-Gen Superpower In Fully Destructible Environments: Demolish and interact with everything in your path. Pummel your enemies by launching crushed cars, lampposts, machinery and anything else you can pick up in your way.
Choose Side In Marvel's Civil War: Pick a side in the ultimate ideological rift that could yield irreparable consequences for the Super Hero community! Support the Pro-Registration side and defend national security, or choose to be Anti-Registration and fight for personal liberties.
Cooperate With Your Ultimate Alliance: Take full advantage of the Marvel Universe by playing Cooperative Mode with up to four friends, both online and offline.
Create & Customize Your Ultimate Team: Assemble your dream team from the Marvel Universe and select from over 24 playable characters, each with specialized powers.
Fight Fear With Fusion: Combine Super Hero powers for devastating results. Team up with Human Torch and Thor to create a spectular fiery tornado. Over 250 unique fusions arm you with an unimaginable arsenal for unprecedented battles.
Create and Customize Your Ultimate Team - Assemble your dream team from the Marvel universe and select from over 24 playable heroes and villains, each with specialized powers.
Cooperate with Your Ultimate Alliance - Take full advantage of the Marvel universe by playing Cooperative Mode with up to four friends, both online and offline.
Choose a Side in Marvel’s Civil War - Pick a side in the ultimate ideological rift that could yield irreparable consequences for the super hero community. You can choose to support the pro-registration side and defend national security, or throw your support behind the anti-registration cause and fight for personal liberties.
Fight Fear with Fusion - Combine super hero powers for devastating results. Team up with Human Torch and Thor to create a spectacular fiery tornado. Over 250 unique fusions arm you with an unimaginable arsenal for unprecended battles.
Wield Next-Gen Superpower in Fully Destructible Environments - Demolish and interact with everything in your path. Pummel your enemies by launching crushed cars, lamp posts, machinery and anything else that you can pick up in your way.
Make the Super Hero experience your own. Deep RPG elements allows more character customization and storyline immersion, such as upgrading abilities, powers and boosts, for your team on the fly and storyline choices that will influence your characters' stats/
Product Attributes
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
Game Genre Action / Adventure
Josh Schwartzman, Gamer 2.0 ...there is surely something here to please anyone.
Robert Workman, GameDaily A great storyline, satisfying beat-em-up action, nifty Fusion attacks and a cornucopia of familiar and new characters make this a very friendly Alliance.
Matthew Walker, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, it just tightens a few of the lug nuts.
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