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Nokia N800 Internet Tablet - 0276316

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When I first ordered my N800, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it was first and foremost a handheld web browser, and that Nokia was adamant about this device not being a PDA. I also knew that at heart, it is a handheld Linux PC, and that was what attracted me.<BR><BR> Setup is simple. Accept the licensing agreement, connect to a network (it scans for 802.11a/g networks), and you are on your way. Besides 802.11b/g, the N800 can also connect to bluetooth cell phones, and has profiles for at least Verizon. I have not tested this feature yet, but I was able to make an association between the N800 and my Razr V3M.<BR><BR> Speaking of bluetooth, I am also able to use my iGo Stowaway keyboard with the N800. I haven't tried a bluetooth mouse, but it would make a better pointing device, when used with the keyboard, than the stylus does. The stylus is great while holding the N800 in your hand though, and if you use a stylus in each hand (a spare ships with the N800), the tiny "hunt-and-peck" on-screen keyboard is much more usable - maybe even more usable than the "thumb" on-screen keyboard. One complaint about the bluetooth keyboard - if it sits idle too long, the connection is lost, and sometimes has to be restored by going into the bluetooth device manager in the N800 control panel. A minor issue, but kind of annoying since there is a bluetooth icon in the tray which *should* allow me to connect to a device.<BR><BR> The display is nice - very high resolution, very crisp. The only downside, as others have said, is that the text can be pretty small. This is not a real issue for me, but my mother would have a hard time reading it.<BR><BR> The user interface is pretty good for a handheld device. The layout is actually quite good once you get used to it, and almost everything is very easy to use and configure. Of course, since the primary input tool is a stylus, many apps and utilities have menus and lists that are designed just for this user interface (to reduce typing and simplify tasks like right-clicking). Application menus are detached from the application window, and drop down via a keypress or a click on the menu button in the title bar (when not running full screen). There are very few negatives about the interface. I find myself going to the control panel to associate my bluetooth keyboard quite a bit - in my opinion, this should have been a function under the bluetooth icon in the tray. Sometimes, "clicking" on a hotspot or menu item does not seem to take, which I presume is due to CPU utilization. Patience is a virtue in this regard... These are very minor issues though, and don't really detract from the overall utility of the N800. After all, it is a handheld device, and some compromises are to be expected...<BR><BR> The standard applications for the N800 work pretty well. The only real issue I have seen is that the web browser will occasionally place a flash ad in an odd location, but it's usually not a big deal. The media player supports several formats, and alternate players - for the few formats the N800 will not play "out of the box" - can be downloaded from (more on this in a moment). Youtube video will play just fine, as long as you let the device load the video first - streaming video taxes the device quite a bit, presumably due to network overhead. Oddly, I was not able to display Google video properly, although I could hear the audio.<BR><BR> Speaking of video, the N800 is actually a pretty good media player. Aside from streaming video, it can handle AVI and FLV formats very well. There are guidelines available for optimizing vidoe for the N800, and many videos will play with no modification. Some larger videos will not play at all though, so be ready to do some conversion if you want to use it as a media player (plenty of free converters are available, including one from Nokia).<BR><BR> The built-in FM radio is actually a nice feature, although the interface - which is provided as an applet - feels kind of odd sitting on the desktop, especially when it's not being used. As an applet, it's visibility is controlled via a menu on the home screen, which lets you select what applets are available. Adding and removing it is slightly tedious, so I tend to leave the radio applet disabled unless i want to use it (I hate cluttered desktops). Again, a minor complaint, but it would be nice to hide it with a single click when not in use.<BR><BR> One added bonus that I was not exepcting was a coupon for 3 free months of Skype Out. Skype Out lets you make outbound phone calls to the US and Canada for insanely low rates, and pretty much sounds like any other VOIP product. You hve to download and install the software from Skype, but it's a painless process. I have made a few calls with it, and it's a cool feature for a handheld device that was never intended to be a phone. Now if someone could just convince Skype that their splash screen is atrocious looking...<BR><BR> Software management is very easy as well. There is an Application manager which can install, update, and remove software. It works very well, and software repositories can be added for picking up third party software. The main site,, hosts quite a few applications for everything from system access to spreadsheets to GPS software to games. In addition, software packages can be downloaded and installed locally, or installed over the network, simply by clicking on them in the web browser. Doing so opens the package in the Application manager - this is about as close to one-click install as you can get...<BR><BR> Software selection is hit and miss - keep in mind that this device was intended to be a handheld web browser, and you can let that slide somewhat. However, I think the N800 has more potential, and the 3rd party applications are just starting to scratch the surface. I suspect that software selection will improve though, as more developers discover the device, and port more existing applications to it. That is not to say that applications are not available - there are plenty in fact. Just that you may not be able to find that one killer application which would make the N800 the ultimate mobile device.<BR><BR> For those who want more control over the device, there is a whole host of system software, including an xterm application which gives you a command prompt. Maemo is Linux based, and the interface is provided via Busybox, a shell designed for handheld and embedded devices. Most of the standard Linux stuff is there, and a cross-compiling development platform is available for those who wish to write or port software for the N800.<BR><BR> Overall, I am happy with my purchase. As an Internet device, I think it is awesome. For those familiar with "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", it will make you think of the book when you are viewing Wikipedia. However, the N800 has potential beyond an Internet tablet - somewhere between a PDA and a low-end PC. It's powerful enough to do a lot more than browse the Internet, and when coupled with a bluetooth keyboard, could probably replace a bulkier laptop while on vacation. Perhaps the biggest complaint I have is that the N800's utility has a narrow scope as an Internet device, but it feels like it should (and could) do so much more. It's like it has a identity crisis of sorts. Despite that, I tend to use mine quite a bit, especially when I want to say, check mail or look something up online without sitting down at my PC. If not for a handful of very minor issues, I could have given the N800 a 5 for "overall satisfaction".<BR><BR> The good:<BR><BR> Excellent display, decent speed for a handhel

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Really happy with my decision to get the Nokia N800. I labored over the decision for a week (not exactly sure why, it's only $200) and finally went for it. I've had it for about 3 weeks and it's great! While I am a technically savvy person, I don't think that's required to get the most out of this device. Very easy to set up to work with your home wireless network or any hotspot. Also works via Bluetooth to my cell phone that has an unlimited data plan - lots of help to be found on the web (internettablettalk, etc.) Don't let all the Linux gurus in the forums scare you away - you can do plenty without knowing anything about Linux (I haven't needed to "hack" to that level yet, and really don't anticipate needing to - it's doing everything I want it to do already with the simple graphical user interface). Browser works with pretty much any web site - some advanced features of web sites might not work, but for the most part, the popular web sites work flawlessly - Yahoo/Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Google, Amazon, eBay, etc. As others have said, YouTube is a bit choppy, but I'm not a huge YouTube user. Downloaded videos run fine (e.g. music videos). Using a freeware program called Visual Photo Resizer on my PC, I was able to shrink over 10,000 4-6 megapixel images down to 800x600 resolution and fit them on 900MB of a 2GB SD card, so now I'm carrying every digital photo I've ever taken with me, plus a lot of MP3's I shrunk using freeware tools as well. Great FREE software downloadable directly to the device via I did screw it up once by loading a "skin" (new interface, icons, etc.) that I ended up not liking and uninstalling, but it didn't uninstall properly and did not restore the original icons, etc. (Later, I noticed the app's documentation warned me about that problem, but like I said, I didn't realize that until after I screwed it up). So I had to reload the operating system, which scared me at first, but it's as simple as downloading the updater app from the Nokia web site to your PC and clicking "OK" a bunch of times. Bought a $4 adapter off eBay to be able to charge via USB so I don't have to carry the AC charger from home to work. Also bought an Invisible Shield screen protector to keep the touchscreen pristine (Invisible Shields are great for all your small LCD screens - camera, iPod, etc. - see Beautiful display, very good battery life. For me, the N800 is pretty much a laptop substitute, albeit a fairly small screen. The only real downside is the inability to print from the device but I knew that going in. Nor can you work with MS Office files, but again, I knew that going in. You're not going to use it as a word processor anyway (but can type reasonably well on the full-screen finger keyboard if you really have to), and there's a nice freeware Gnumeric spreadsheet app available too. Plenty of games, especially if you download GarnetVM, the Palm emulator, and locate some Palm PRC (program) files to load. Can't keep it out of the hands of my 17 year old, who discovered facebook works, and my 13 year old, who uses the pidgin multiple-IM client app to talk to his AIM buddies. Again, all in all, I'd buy it again in a flash. And at half the price of the N810, I'll do without the slider keyboard, the on-screen one is fine using fingers or stylus. I could go on and on, but I think I've exceeded the requested 500 words or less :-)

-Anonymous quote

Excellent addition to the Nokia family

by Joseph Mack on 12/7/2007

Having owned a Nokia770, I was not hesitant at all to upgrade to the N800. It's got a lot of great new features - read the previous reviews for the fluff. This unit hasn't let me down. Spend a couple extra bucks (~$20USD) to get an iGo Bluetooth keyboard to go with it, and you've got a match made in heaven. Great unit, very vesatile, extremely easy to use! Thanks Nokia!

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Very Surprising

by Eric Ruck, on 12/7/2007

Nokia can call it whatever they want, but this "internet tablet" is the perfect PDA for an upcoming project. We're planning on using it for a system in delivery vehicles, and its price to feature ratio can't be beat, not even close. A number of things really surprised me: This unit really is exceptionally solid. The automatic finger keyboard is really neat. Tap the screen with your finger and you get a full screen keyboard; tap with the stylus and you get a small keyboard that lets you see most of the screen content. Very nice speakers and microphone, we're hoping to be able to use it is an IP speakerphone in the truck. We'll see how that goes with cab noise. Excellent wesite supporting software development for the unit. The pop out webcam is cool but I wish it rotated more completely away from the screen. Why can't Nokia design their devices to charge from USB. That would be nice.

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Product Overview

Internet at Your Finger Tips, Nokia N800 NSeries Internet Tablet.

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen display in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly make Internet Phone calls, check & send e-mail, instant message and so much more with the Nokia N800. You can also access Internet media at home or on-the-go with the Nokia N800s high quality stereo audio.


Manufacturer Nokia
Mfg Part# 0276316
SKU 204055141
UPC 758478011003
UPC 14 00758478011003
Experience true internet browsing with an impressive high-resolution widescreen display
Conduct video conferences on-the-go using internet calling and the integrated webcam
Stay connected with instant messaging, email and more.
Entertainment is always at hand thanks to the integrated media player, high quality stereo speakers, UPnP audio and expandable mass memory.
The ultra-slim design makes web browsing more portable and convenient than ever.
Tech Specs
Access the web on a portable internet tablet
High-resolution widescreen display
Opera 8 web browser
Supports Flash 7
Internet communications
Internet calling with integrated web camera
Instant messaging
E-mail client
Full-screen, touch keyboard
Access to internet media at home and on-the-go
High quality stereo speakers
Media player
Expandable mass memory
Weight: 7.27 ounces
Height: 2.95 in
Width: 5.7 in
Thickness: 0.5 in
Cool silver front cover with matte black at the back
High-resolution (800x480 pixels) touch screen with up to 65,536 colors
Operating temperature
This product can be used within an environment ranging between the following temperatures:
14 - 131 Fahrenheit
Memory and storage
RAM 128
Two internal memory card slots, compatible with SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, MMC, and RS-MMC. Compatible with cards up to 2GB. Configurable up to 4GB.
Flash 256MB, 128 MiniSD with extender included in sales package
* Changes to product details are possible without prior notice. Application offering may vary. Dynamic memory means that the available memory is shared between dynamic memory functions. When any of these functions are used, there is less available memory for other functions which are also dependent on dynamic memory.
Operating times*
Standby time: up to 10 days
Browsing time: up to 3 hours
* Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used, configuration and usage.
Form and function
High quality stereo speakers and microphone
High-resolution widescreen display
Integrated desk stand for on-table use
Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition
Key applications (additional applications available)
Web Browser (Opera 8) with Flash 7
Internet calling with video
Instant Messaging
Media player
Internet Radio
RSS Feed Reader
Input methods
Full screen finger keyboard
On-screen keyboard
Handwriting recognition
Display functions
Zooming, full-screen and panning functionality
Application installer
PDF viewer
File manager
Image viewer
Supported file formats
Audio: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RA (Real Audio), WAV, WMA
Video: 3GP, AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (Real Video)
Internet radio playlists: M3U, PLS
* Media player does not necessarily support all features of a file format or all the variations of the file formats.
Auto connection to saved Wi-Fi hotspots or through Bluetooth compatible phones
WLAN: 802.11b/g
Bluetooth specification: 2.022
For Internet connection and file transfer via phone
Profiles supported: File transfer, Dial-up Networking, Data Terminal Role, Generic Access, Serial Port, SIM Access, Object Push, File Transfer and Human Interface Device profiles
USB 2.0 high speed device mode for PC connectivity
User Interface: American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese
User's Guide: American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic
Sales package contents
Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (RX-34)
Extra stylus
Battery (BP-5L)
128MB MiniSD card with extender (MU-17)
Stereo headset (HS-48)
Travel charger (AC-4)
Carrying case (CP-136)
Data cable (DKE-2)
Quick start guide
Safety, warranty and other product information
Available separately:
Navigation kit for N800
Wallet and case for N800
Memory cards
Mobile charger DC-4
Charger adapter CA-44
External Bluetooth keyboard
Stereo headphones
Extra stylus pack
* Internet features require connectivity through WLAN or compatible mobile phone.
Sold Out
Sorry, you missed the deal!
This product is currently not available.
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