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u346Our mission is to empower merchants to build businesses, drive more sales, and cultivate a loyal customer base. We accomplish our mission via tools and human interaction. offers a full suite of tools to manage and market your marketplace store. We also believe in the power of human interaction and have built a team of account managers and support representatives. We reinvest the commissions and fees we collect into our loyalty program, Rakuten Super PointsTM, which gives customers money for future purchases.

Our Account Managers or as we call them E-Commerce Consultants (ECCs), are here to provide best practices and sales tips. In order to give you a seamless onboarding process, we built out a support team who is here to help you navigate our tools. Our suite of tools is under constant development to ensure they offer the best experience possible.

While services millions of loyal US consumers, we are owned by a large global organization. Rakuten operates the largest e-commerce site in Japan and has a global footprint and operates in many business verticals. Rakuten also owns many other sites and services you might already be using like Ebates, Viber, Kobo, Overdrive, Rakuten Marketing and has invested in Pinterest and Lyft.



Billed Quarterly at $99


  • Account Manager
    Account Managers that assist merchants with accounts and promotions.
  • R-Mail (CRM Email)
    R-Mail is a tool that allows merchants to send emails (re-target) to customers that have previously purchased from them. Once a merchant collects a list of customers (through orders) they can create a customized email with their products and send a mass email to their customer base.
  • Rakuten Super Points™
    Rakuten Super Points™ are given to customers when purchases are made. Customers are given 1% back in the form of Rakuten Super Points™ to use on future purchases. Also, Rakuten and merchants run promotional campaigns where customers are eligible to receive 5%, 10%, 15% etc. back in Rakuten Super Points™. Rakuten Super Points™ can be funded by merchants as an incentive to potential customers.
  • Customizable Merchant Storefront
    Merchants can create and customize personal storefront on the marketplace using this tool.
  • Personalized URL
    Merchants will receive a unique URL that is customizable.
  • Custom Product Pages
    Merchants are able to customize product pages (images, descriptions, title, etc.) for products on storefronts if listings are shared with other merchants.
  • Robust Shipping Engine
    Allows merchants to customize shipping settings based on weight, number of items, dollar amount, and location.
  • Sales Reporting and Insights
    Reporting Tool that provides merchants with data on sales, order, and product information.
  • Merchandising Placement
    Opportunities (both paid and non-paid) for product placement on the website and in promotional emails.
  • Redesigned Seller Portal
    Interface where merchants manage account settings.
Categories Commission Per Item Fee
Health, Beauty, Supplements, & Personal Care 15% 0.99
Kitchen, Home Furnishings & Outdoor 15% 0.99
Electronics & Computer Hardware 8% 0.99
Apparel, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, & Bags 15% 0.99
Office Supplies 12% 0.99
Automotive & Powersports 12% 0.99
Sporting Goods 15% 0.99
Musical Instruments 12% 0.99
Video Games & Software 10% 0.99
Movies, Music, & Books 15% 0.99
Everything Else 15% 0.99

Rates above are inclusive of credit card processing fees.

Merchant Tools

  • u100

    ECCs (E-Commerce Consultants)

    At we want to empower the merchant, this is why all of our merchants have access to our account management team. ECCs are here to help you maximize your sales efforts and grow your business. They will share industry best practices and how to best market your products. Engaging with your ECC can greatly help increase your sales and visibility on

  • u126


    R-Mail is a robust email marketing platform that lets you as a merchant email your customers. As your sales grow so does your loyal customer base, allows you to email market to them with your newest products or hottest deals increasing their purchase frequency. This is all done through our R-Mail tool inside of the Marketplace.

  • u148


    The shipping engine makes life a lot easier for you as a merchant. The shipping engine helps you create your own shipping rules so you can give the customer the best experience possible while not having to worry about the hassle of shipping costs. This can be all set up in your seller tools.

  • u170


    Storefronts are a way to allow you to brand who you are. At, the storefront is not just a title at the top of the page with a few of your products, it is a fully branded and image focused storefront. You can even mimic your current site if you choose. At we want the customer to know who they are buying from. With a storefront, the customer knows exactly who they are buying from.


How long does it take to get set up?

We recommend allowing 3-10 business days for the process. The speed of your integration will largely be dictated by your catalog size and your resources. Our team is always ready to help you through the process.

How do I get paid?

We pay you once a week directly into your business checking account via an ACH transfer.

What is the per item fee?

The per item fee is a 99 cent fee that is only applied when an item sells. This fee helps fund the Rakuten Super Points™ program and other initiatives.

What countries will my products be available in? Can I sell internationally?

Today your account is only for the US.

How do I upload SKUs?

There are a few ways to upload SKUs:

  1. Upload individually using our web tool.
  2. Batch upload via feeds.
  3. Utilize a 3rd party service, preferred partners can be found here.
Do you have an API?

APIs are currently in Beta, let your Business Development or Launch Representative know if you are interested.

Where can I find a list of partners integrated with Rakuten?

Please visit our preferred partner page found here.

What are the shipping and return policies?

Merchants can customize shipping and return policies to meet their needs.

Does prohibit the sales of any products?

We do have a few restrictions which can be found via this link.

I'm already a Rakuten merchant, who do I contact?

For any and all technical help once you’ve created your marketplace seller’s account, please contact our support team at

I'm an international seller. Can I sell on

At this point in time there are a few requirements to sell on if you are not located in US.

-US Checking Account and US Credit Card

-US customer service phone number and address

  • u36_state0
  • u36_state1
  • u36_state2
  • u36_state3

What our merchants are saying

“Aosom’s ‘customers first’ policy is very important to us, and Rakuten shares that ideal. For example, whereas other malls just display product photos, at Rakuten we can use our own words and photographs, and we can directly communicate with customers.”

Wayne Li Founder, Aosom

“It has been well worth the extra effort to customize our product pages in our Rakuten Shop, Rakuten’s tool makes it easy, and our products come alive and stand out. We have seen increased conversion and lower return rates as a result of the enriched information and vivid imagery on our custom page.”

Yochay Botach Owner, Altatac

“I had seen what Rakuten had achieved in Japan and in other international markets, and I had a feeling they would be very successful in the U.S. as well. I believe Rakuten’s founder, Hiroshi Mikitani, is very intelligent and driven, and we want to be in business with people like him.”

Rob Tolleson Founder, President and CEO, CPO Commerce

Preferred Partners

Our goal is to ensure merchants have the necessary tools which will allow their businesses to thrive. Our Preferred Partners are companies that meet our integration guidelines.

Looking to become a Preferred Partner? Contact us at