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*This Rakuten Super Points™ promotion will begin on 5/23/19 at 12:00AM PT and ends on 5/23/19 at 11:59PM PT. 15% Back is awarded in the form of Rakuten Super Points™. This promotion requires customers to establish a account or signed into their account and complete the checkout process by 11:59PM PT on 5/23/19. Certain products have additional Rakuten Super Points™ due to the merchant’s Campaign. Rakuten Super Points™ are viewable at checkout. All Rakuten Super Points™ earned during this promotion will be available once the order has shipped and will expire 1 year (365 days) thereafter. For exact Rakuten Super Points™ expiration dates, please check your Account. will allow customers a maximum amount back of 50,000 Rakuten Super Points™ during this promotion per customer, per household; reserves the right to void Rakuten Super Points™ or Cancel orders that do not follow these regulations. Bulk purchases made by resellers do not qualify. Rakuten Super Points™ are not cash or currency and cannot be transferred, credited to an account, redeemed for cash, or used for gift card purchases or redemptions. Rakuten Super Points™ may be earned on the amount of your order, excluding taxes, shipping and any coupons. reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.