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There's a whole world waiting for you in those wide-open spaces, and you'll be even more excited about your camping and hiking adventures when you find discounts on supplies and equipment. If you're just starting out, then you'll need some basics. You can go old school with a compass and topographic map or cutting edge with a state-of-the-art GPS navigation system made specifically for hiking. It's always a good idea to carry a first-aid kit on your trips, but don’t forget other emergency items such as rain ponchos and portable shelters. A trail backpack will carry your hiking supplies, food, water and a change of clothes. Some backpacks are extra lightweight to make transporting your tent and sleeping bag easier. If you're planning a cookout, snag the latest collapsible, high-efficiency stoves. Make sure you've also packed for the weather with a rain jacket, warm socks and, depending on the season, down jackets and hiking shoes equipped for snow traction. Bring a compact digital camera to memorialize every excursion and relive those breathtaking sunsets and sunrises! Rakuten is the place to start when you're shopping for hiking and camping products from outstanding stores. When you become an Rakuten member, you'll get Cash Back and discounts on everything you need for your trips, plus all sorts of items in an abundance of categories from more than 3,500 stores.

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