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Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set

Product details

3 pc Set

Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set

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Sold byCabela's

Cabela’s began in 1961 as a small mail-order company in Chappell, Nebraska, run from Dick and Mary Cabela’s kitchen table. In 1962, Dick’s younger brother Jim joined the business. During the early years, Dick, Mary and Jim were so intent on nurturing their growing business that they didn't even pay themselves. Over time, what began as a mail-order company that distributed fly-fishing lures became a premier destination for outdoor products around the world. The company went public in 2004, and its headquarters are in Sidney, Nebraska. When you’re ready to purchase high-quality outdoor equipment, save big with Cabela's coupons.

Product details

3 pc Set

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Product FAQs

Can I earn Cash Back on Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set?
Yes! You can earn Cash Back on Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set. (Exclusions may apply.) Click for more details including pricing, description, store availability and more!

Where can I buy Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set?
You can buy Pursuit 3-Piece Knife Set on Rakuten today. Shop today and earn cash back on your purchase. (Exclusions may apply.)
*To qualify for a Welcome Bonus, you must be a new member and spend at least $25 before taxes on purchases that are eligible for Cash Back within ninety (90) days of becoming a member.
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