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Why Advertise on Rakuten?

Rakuten’s mission is to help brands of all sizes by connecting you to our 14M ready to shop members, optimize your marketing plans and accelerate growth with Cash Back rewards.

With over 2500 merchants in 10 different categories, we offer a variety of solutions to help businesses address their needs, a brand safe environment with premium offers.


  • Innovative Media Solutions to reward shoppers every time they shop
  • App targeting solutions in the app that utilizes a combination of AI technology and behavioral insights to incentivize shoppers.
  • Targeting Email Opportunities – target users in their purchase journey and create a line of communication.
  • In-Store Card Linked Offers – reward customers offline and in-store and increase reach to publishers and sales opportunities.
  • Button Browser Extension – attract existing loyal customers from the Rakuten Rewards member base and adopt new ones with a simple click to apply Cash Back incentives.
  • Digital Strategy Experts – access to a team of media experts to craft a custom digital strategy specific to your specific business goals.

We believe in creating true win-win opportunities that foster awareness, engagement and purchases for our members and merchants while delivering rewarding cash back experiences.

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