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Luggage Coupons & Cash Back

Make Rakuten your first destination to find discounts and coupon codes from select stores on the luggage and travel products you need!

The luggage in your closet is looking a little worn, so now's the time to shop with Rakuten to get amazing savings on fabulous new suitcases. If you're planning to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip, choose a full luggage set that's large, durable and fits your budget. Going on a little getaway? Check out promo codes for carry-ons and other smaller pieces with modern features, such as polycarbonate hard shells to protect your clothing and laptop and spinner wheels that give you more control without needing a lot of upper-body strength. To keep a suit or dress wrinkle free, look for coupons on the latest garment bags that have multiple compartments for shoes and accessories. Gym-style duffel bags are a fantastic choice for young adults taking off for overnighters or weekend trips, with some duffels designed to double as backpacks for a summer trip across Europe. Great choices for kids include child-size waterproof rolling luggage in bright colors or emblazoned with their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes. Stack your savings and stock up on travel essentials, including a convenient nylon pouch with must-haves like an inflatable neck pillow, sleep mask and cordless earplugs.

Purchase the luggage and travel items that'll take you everywhere you need to go, and use your Rakuten Cash Back to buy some fantastic souvenirs while you're on vacation! If you're not yet an Rakuten member, join today for free to get a Welcome Bonus and start shopping at more than 2,500 of your favorite stores for discounts and coupons on products in a huge array of categories!


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