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There's a video game for everyone, whether you're looking for retro fun or a stunningly realistic new game. Shop with Rakuten to get deals and discounts on video games for the whole family! Keep your video-game consoles stocked and ready with the latest games — or even old classics — from your favorites game stores. Video games run the gamut from indie creations crafted by one talented designer to big-budget, movielike concepts made by huge production companies. The most popular games for kids incorporate the toys and characters from their favorite TV shows and movies. Teens will enjoy adventure games that rely on teamwork or adrenaline-pumping games that allow them to have epic battles with their friends. Virtual reality is increasingly popular, with video games that let players wear headsets to interact with sports, medieval warfare or spaceships flying through the universe. Parents and grandparents may want to give gaming a try, too, so make sure to buy extra controllers so everyone can join in the fun! Playing video games is awesome, and so is shopping with Rakuten at more than 3,500 stores. Sign up today for free to get a $10 Welcome Bonus and amazing discounts and Cash Back on the products and services you use every day!

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