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Wearable Technology Coupons & Cash Back

Be fashion forward and tech savvy when you shop with Rakuten to get Cash Back and other amazing deals on the latest wearable technology!

Get connected and healthy at the same time with colorful watches or wristbands that double as fitness trackers and measure your daily steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and more. Go as simple or as sophisticated as you like with your choice of wearable tech, and stay within your budget by finding stores that offer amazing discounts. Look for the bands and watches that match your personality and style, including those with built-in GPS. Simply sync your watch to your smartphone and have all the options at your fingertips. Speaking of fingers, wearable technology has gotten so advanced that you can even purchase a ring tracker! Available in metals like 14k gold and hues like rose gold and slate gray, your ring is a statement piece as well as a round-the-clock monitor. Some wearable technology can even make payments for you, and lock and unlock doors and devices. If you prefer to keep your tech around your neck, shop with Rakuten for fitness pendants in artful designs that do everything your smartwatch does. Today's wearable tech also includes smart shoes that can sync with your phone to map your running path!

Save money on the newest technology when you shop with Rakuten at stores that offer awesome gear. If you're not already an Rakuten member, join now to get even more savings on the products and services you use every day in a huge variety of categories at more than 2,500 of your favorite stores!
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