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There&#39;s nothing as exciting as attending a live concert for your entertainment fix. Shop through Rakuten for promo codes on concert tickets to see your favorite musicians and comedians!<br /> <br /> You&#39;ll give yourself a standing ovation after you shop through Rakuten for coupons and Cash Back on the concert tickets you crave, no matter your taste in music. Whether you enjoy old-time rock &#39;n&#39; roll, country, jazz, heavy metal or hip-hop, you&#39;ll love going through Rakuten to get Cash Back on tickets to venues all over the world. If orchestras, classical music or opera are your scene, purchase tickets for a song to get the best seats in the house. If you&#39;re going out of town, buy tickets to see your favorite musicians or standup comics after you book your hotel reservation. You can do it all through Rakuten! Use your desktop, laptop or mobile device to get discounts on the shows you&#39;ve been wanting to see, whether you&#39;re planning a getaway or staying in your hometown. Do you like the intimate setting of a small theater, or does the energy of a big outdoor stage get you in the mood to see the band of your dreams? Next time you hear that a singer, band or comedian is going on tour, shop through Rakuten to get Cash Back on concert tickets!<br /> <br /> If you haven&#39;t yet joined Rakuten, find out what more than 10 million members are raving about. You already know you can shop for concert tickets, but there&#39;s so much more! Choose from a huge variety of products and services at more than 2,500 merchants. It&#39;s easy! Sign up for free to get $10 to spend any way you like, and then start earning Cash Back on all your purchases by shopping through Rakuten!

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