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A child's imagination knows no bounds when they're building cities, expanding universes and creating dream worlds out of Lego blocks. Give your budget a boost when you shop through Rakuten for deals and discounts on building blocks and Lego toys from participating stores!<br> <br>When Danish woodcrafter Ole Kirk Christiansen established Lego in 1932, he likely had no idea it would become such an important part of so many children's playtimes all over the world. Today, Lego bricks are interlocking plastic pieces that kids -- and adults -- of all ages enjoy. Shop through Rakuten for Cash Back at select stores that carry Lego playsets, including those featuring your child's favorite movie and television characters. Purchase basic Lego bricks in larger sizes suitable for babies and younger children to help them develop dexterity and motor skills while they play. Shop through Rakuten for coupon codes for everything Lego, including storage boxes and activity tables for your kids' bedrooms or playroom. Lego tables give children the foundation to build towns, vehicles and people, and you get to save money while you encourage their creativity! Check out everything Lego has to offer at select merchants, and keep an eye out for similar products, including wooden and plastic stacking or interlocking building blocks in as many sizes and shapes as your kids can imagine.<br> <br>There are so many ways to build your child's future, and Rakuten can help! When you shop through Rakuten for Cash Back at more than 2,500 stores, you can use your Big Fat Check any way you like, including purchasing kids' items such as clothing and school supplies, household goods and decor, and even vacation reservations and rentals. Join Rakuten today for free and start getting coupon codes and Cash Back on a huge array of products and services!

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