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Pet food is an essential item every pet owner needs to buy. What if we told you that you can make money every time you buy your pet a bag of treats?

When you become a Rakuten member, you earn Cash Back whenever you shop for pet food online or in stores. It's like getting paid to shop! Becoming a Rakuten member also makes it easier to try different pet food brands. You can earn Cash Back for shopping at pet retailers such as Chewy, which sells a variety of food brands for cats, birds, dogs and more. No matter how many animals you care for or their dietary needs, you’ll find the right food supply at Chewy. Rakuten has a wide variety of pet stores and pet food brands to choose from. You can buy in bulk or get your pet some yummy canned food. Treats can also earn you Cash Back, so don’t hold back on getting your furry friend something good. If you think your pet may like more varied food options, becoming a Rakuten member will help you do just that. For cat owners with picky eaters, shop Made by Nacho for delicious food your cat will go crazy for. Made by Nacho has wet food, dry food, treats and meat toppers in different flavors, so there’s something for every cat. The brand specializes in cat food and sells products packed with nutritional benefits. Whether your cat needs food for bone and joint health or digestion assistance, Made by Nacho comes through. Get your dog an irresistible bone treat to chew on with Redbarn Pet Products. The brand offers a wide selection of bones your dog can chew on in yummy flavors such as peanut butter, beef and lamb. It also sells filled hooves and meaty bones your dog won’t want to separate from. Get your small pet some scrumptious food at Petco. You can find food for guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and other small pets, as well as hay, kibble and treats. Shop by brand, food type or price, and set your account to auto-deliver the pet food. Thanks to Cash Back and discount codes from Rakuten, you’ll save big on pet food you were going to buy anyway. If you want your dog to feast on natural, healthy food, check out Just Food for Dogs. You can buy freshly frozen food packs with meat, potatoes, vegetables and other nutrient-packed foods for your dog. Browse vet-supported foods, customize a diet plan for your dog or shop for meals with health benefits. Not only will you fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs, but you can also earn rewards for shopping at Just Food for Dogs every month. But don’t take our word for it. Join Rakuten to discover a world of savings, rewards and coupons for yourself. FAQs What kind of pet food can I shop for at Petco? Petco sells all kinds of food for a variety of animals with all sorts of nutritional needs: cats, dogs, horses, rats, guinea pigs, canaries, fish, reptiles, pigs, horses and more. How much can I earn in Cash Back at Five Below? How much you earn in Cash Back when shopping at Five Below depends on how much you shop and the promotions Five Below has. The store’s Cash Back percentages vary, so check back with Rakuten or download the browser extension to see how much you can earn when buying pet food. Can I buy dog food from Chippin if my dog has allergies? Chippin dog food has been proven safe for many dogs with allergies, but it’s still important to consult a vet before experimenting with pet food. Most dog allergies come from the protein in meats, but the protein in Chippin dog food is sourced from fish and crickets, so it doesn’t trigger allergies in many dogs. How can I get a discount at PetPlate? One way to get a discount for PetPlate is to refer a friend. When you refer a friend, they get 60 percent off their first order and you get 1,000 PupPoints to redeem for a discount on your next purchase.

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