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Pet Supplies

Your four-footed family members will purr, bark and wag with delight when you replenish their stock of pet food, treats and toys! And, as a pet parent, you'll be thrilled to get coupons and Cash Back when you shop for all your pet supplies through Rakuten at select merchants!

From dog beds to cat trees - and you know your cat is going to use them both, despite how the dog feels about it - the best pet supplies are at your fingertips when you shop through Rakuten. You'll also find amazing discounts on dog and cat food, plus the delectable treats that make them sit up and beg for more! While you're shopping, check out other pet necessities, such as medications, shampoos and leashes, and larger items, such as fish tanks and reptile aquariums. Face it: Those furry little kids are more than just dogs, cats, ferrets and hamsters. They're your comfort, your joy and your everyday companions, so shop through Rakuten for everything you need to give them their best life. You'll make yourself happy, too, with Cash Back and promo codes on pet supplies from participating merchants.

Becoming an Rakuten member means you'll get great deals not only on pet supplies, but also on everything you buy every day in a wide variety of categories. If you're not already one of our more than 10 million members, join today for free. You'll get $10 to spend any way you wish, and you'll earn Cash Back on your purchases when you shop through Rakuten at more than 2,500 of your favorite stores.

Pet Supplies

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