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<p>Finding the right medical care for your pet can be expensive.&nbsp;There are many pet stores that offer insurance and medication, but how can you decide which one is right for your pet while also staying on budget? Thankfully, Rakuten has partnered with the top pet stores in the country so you can get paid to get your pet the medication and insurance plan it needs.<br /> <br /> Whether you have a cat or a dog, you can find the right insurance for animal medical care at PetSmart. Choose from the brand&rsquo;s available partners and review their plans. Sign up to become a PetSmart associate and reap the benefits of comprehensive animal insurance plans.<br /> <br /> Browse the list of medications and supplements at Petco. The store offers a wide selection of health-related products from reputable, well-known pet brands recommended by vets everywhere. When you&rsquo;re a Rakuten member and you buy Petco medication or insurance, you&rsquo;ll get a percentage back on each purchase. The Cash Back gets added to your account, which you can view online or in the Rakuten App. You&rsquo;re literally getting paid to buy products for your pets!<br /> <br /> If you&#39;re looking for natural remedies to aid your pet&rsquo;s recovery or prevent health problems, browse pet health products from Only Natural Pet. The brand offers great supplements, holistic medicine and products for fleas, with unmatched quality and unbeatable prices. Whether your pet has digestive problems or needs to supplement its diet with extra vitamins, Only Natural Pets can provide the right solution.<br /> <br /> Shop PetCareRx when you can&rsquo;t find what your pet needs at a reasonable price. PetCareRx was created so pet parents could take care of their pets&rsquo; health without worrying about the price of medication. PetCareRx has pet medication for every type of condition. You can shop for flea and tick solutions, arthritis pain relief, anxiety medication and food for special diets. As a Rakuten member, you can earn Cash Back for shopping at PetCareRx. It&rsquo;s a great place to shop if your pet needs long-term care that would otherwise be very expensive.<br /> <br /> Watch out for your dog&rsquo;s dental health with Bark Bright. Every month, you&rsquo;ll be sent an assorted box of dog dental health products that will keep your pup&rsquo;s teeth sparkling. From chew toys to toothpaste, Bark Bright has products your dog will love. Made with canines in mind, Bark Bright boxes contain products that make it easy to clean your dog&rsquo;s teeth without breaking the bank.<br /> <br /> If you need quality, affordable insurance for your dog or cat, you can get BaxterBoo to cover it through its partner, Figo. When you get pet insurance through BaxterBoo, your dog or cat&rsquo;s unexpected illnesses and injuries are paid for. The pet insurance gives you the freedom to visit any licensed professional no matter where you are. You&rsquo;ll also get added benefits from being on the insurance plan, such as access to reimbursements and a plan tailored to your budget or your pet&rsquo;s health.<br /> <br /> FAQs<br /> <br /> Does BaxterBoo have a rewards program?<br /> Yes, BaxterBoo has a rewards program called BaxterBoo MVP. Sign up for free to earn points that can go toward your pet insurance plan and find other money-saving benefits that will help you buy more in the future.<br /> <br /> How can I save on a Bark Bright subscription?<br /> You can save on a Bark Bright subscription by becoming a Rakuten member. Each time your card gets charged for the monthly subscription, you will earn Cash Back, effectively cutting your subscription payment.<br /> <br /> Does PetHonesty have a referral program?<br /> Yes, PetHonesty has a referral program. The discount it provides for referrals varies, so download the Rakuten browser extension to check the referral deal available when you&rsquo;re shopping.<br /> <br /> Can I use coupons and get Cash Back at the same time on PetCareRx?<br /> Yes, you can use coupons and get Cash Back at the same time when buying from PetCareRx, but you can use only coupons provided by Rakuten to get rewards.</p>

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