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The sky's the limit when you shop with Rakuten to get amazing deals and discounts on all the climbing gear you need!<br><br>Whether you're a novice or a seasoned rock climber, buy the best gear to take on your climbs. Even if you're rock climbing at a gym where the harness and other equipment is provided, you'll need to wear the right apparel and footwear. Look for coupon codes on clothing that's comfortable, breathable and made of fast-dry fabrics. For correct climbing shoes, find stores that offer Cash Back on styles made for climbing the rock wall at the gym or outdoor bouldering or top-roping. Wear regular sneakers on the trail to your climbing spot, because rock-climbing shoes are meant only for climbs. Another climbing must-have is a helmet, so find coupons for the best climbing headgear. Although bouldering requires very little gear, other types of climbing require a harness with a waist-belt and leg loops. Most importantly is, of course, a rope. There are two types of ropes used in climbing — dynamic and static — each with their own purpose. Experienced climbers will enjoy great deals on new ropes to replace their old ones, but new climbers should get advice from pros about which rope is best suited for their upcoming adventures.<br><br>You'll love soaring to new heights when you purchase the latest climbing gear! If you're not already an Rakuten member, join for free today to find out what 10 million members are raving about when they say Rakuten is a fun, easy and legit way to earn Cash Back on your purchases.

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