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Boost Bonus Terms (7 days, $50 cap)

Offer may be modified or cancelled anytime. Only new members are eligible. Not combinable with other offers including the Referral Sign Up Bonus. Qualify for the Rakuten Boost Bonus when you sign up to become a new Rakuten Rewards member where the Boost Bonus was offered, and make Qualifying Purchase(s) within seven (7) days of signing up (your “Boost Bonus Period”). A "Qualifying Purchase" means a purchase that earns Cash Back through Rakuten.com , the Rakuten App or the Rakuten browser extension. The Boost Bonus will add 10% Cash Back to the effective standard Cash Back rate for your Qualifying Purchases made during your Boost Bonus Period. The Boost Bonus shall be subject to a total overall cap of $50.00 for all of your Qualifying Purchases made during the Boost Bonus Period (“Boost Cap”). The standard Cash Back rate shall not be subject to the Boost Cap, though may be subject to other applicable merchant terms and exclusions. Boost Bonus will be added to your next Cash Back payment. These Rakuten Boost Bonus Terms are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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