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Buy Now, Pay Later

Shop Rakuten and use Affirm at checkout to buy now, pay later. You’ll earn all your Cash Back now, plus enjoy the flexibility to pay over time. Available on the iOS app only. Android coming soon.

What’s Affirm?

Affirm allows customers to buy now and make easy monthly payments. Affirm is available at most stores, for purchases starting at $50.

How does it work?

At checkout, use Affirm to apply for the total amount of your purchase. You’ll get an instant decision from Affirm after providing a few details. Then select your payment plan and check out using your one-time VISA card generated by Affirm. Affirm will pay for your entire purchase now, and you’ll pay Affirm over time.

After completing your purchase, your first payment will be due in 30 days and can be paid with affirm.com or their app. Affirm will reach out with more info and directions on how to pay.

Does applying affect my credit score?

No, applying does not affect your credit score. If you decide to buy with Affirm, your loan and payments may affect your credit score.

Why does my purchase show up as Rakuten in Affirm?

When you use Affirm to pay for an order via Rakuten, Affirm records the purchase as Rakuten. Even though it says Rakuten, your payment will go towards the purchase you made and not to Rakuten.

I never made a purchase, but there’s a Rakuten purchase in my Affirm account. Why?

If you applied for a one-time card, Affirm will list this as a purchase in your account. They will remove the transaction as soon as they see the purchase was not completed. If you have more questions, Affirm will be able to help you.

Who do I contact for questions about my Affirm payments?

Affirm will handle all your payments. Just visit Affirm's Help Center for more info or to get in touch with their Customer Care team.

Can I use Affirm for all of my purchases?

Affirm is offered as a payment option for most purchases, with a few exceptions. You cannot use Affirm on streaming services, gift card purchases, nor food items, including restaurants and delivery services.

Can I make a return if I pay with Affirm?

Yes, you can make returns as usual. Just visit the store’s return policy and follow their process. Once the store confirms your return, Affirm will automatically adjust your payment plan to reflect your return. Any earned Cash Back will be deducted from your Cash Back balance.

Who do I contact if there’s an issue with my order?

For any issues with your order, or to make a change, contact the store where you made your purchase.

What if I already use Affirm?

Great! You’re ahead of the game. Just use your Affirm info to log in when asked at checkout.

What’s the best way to use Rakuten and Affirm together?

To make sure your accounts are working together, we suggest using the same email for both your Rakuten and Affirm accounts.

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