10 Little Treats Under $30

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional “treat yourself” moment. Get a latte on a cold morning to brighten up your day, or buy yourself nice pens to make your to-do list a little more fun. You may not need those things, but you want and absolutely deserve them. Here are some little treat gifts that are worth it for the happiness they bring, especially since they all cost less than $30.

Lip Sleeping Mask

November is already here, which means the season of waking up with dry lips is almost here. Keep your lips hydrated and nourished with this lip sleeping mask from Laneige, which uses coconut oil, shea butter and murumuru-seed butter for long-lasting moisture during cold nights.

Heart Mini Waffle Maker

The best meals are made with love, so why not shape your morning waffles into hearts. Mix up your favorite waffle batter — I hope you add blueberries — and enjoy your heart-shaped waffles with a cup of hot coffee. It’ll be impossible to walk into work after that breakfast without a smile on your face.

Maple Sparkle Syrup

You may want to top those delicious heart-shaped waffles with syrup. There’s nothing wrong with the bottle of Mrs. Butterworths in your pantry, but feel free to get a little extra in the morning with maple syrup that sparkles. Let those heart-shaped waffles shine!

LePen Pastel Fine-Point Pens

There’s no reason to write down everything in plain, boring black or blue ink (unless you’re writing a check, in which case maybe just stick to black). Express yourself with these colorful fine-point pens, which come in colors such as yellow, coral pink, peppermint and periwinkle.

Wildflowers Stamped Design Embroidery Kit

Treat yourself to a hobby that’s both relaxing and satisfying during the cold winter months. This embroidery kit will guide you through creating a beautiful field of wildflowers, all stitched together with relaxing colors.

ChefWave Travel French Press

French press coffee hits a little different in the morning. It’s fresh and takes away some of the bitterness you get from a regular coffeemaker, but not everyone has time to enjoy a mug of it before work. No need to fret! Flex on everyone at the office with your very own French press travel mug.

Personal Fondue Mugs

Fondue is never a bad idea, but you may feel a little guilty about making a large pot of chocolate fondue just for yourself. Now you can have your own personal fondue mug. Throw in your ingredients and then light a candle directly underneath, which will melt everything down for you to dip all types of goodies in.

Personalized Dog Socks

If you’re unapologetically obsessed with your dog, go the extra mile and have their adorable face printed on a pair of socks. Show up to your next family gathering with these bad boys on your feet to remind everyone that your dog is just as much part of the family as you are. 

Lilo and Stitch Plush Slippers

Who’s the most adorable Disney character? It’s absolutely Stitch, and I won’t hear otherwise. Throw on some cozy slippers each morning featuring the face of everyone’s favorite little blue alien.

Sauce Dip Clip

We’ve all ordered fries or nuggets to eat in the car and then had the realization that we can’t efficiently dip them in sauce. Here we have a product you didn’t know you needed: a sauce dip clip. It clips onto your car’s vents, and it’s the perfect size to fit most dippable sauce containers. You could even crank up the heat to get your car smelling like sweet-and-sour sauce, because why not?


Now go out there and treat yourself to the little gifts that will bring you a lot of joy. With seasonal depression kicking in, there’s no better time to enjoy the little things that make you happy. Speaking of happiness, be sure to shop through Rakuten to earn a little Cash Back in the process.


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