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Throughout the year, you’ll find a variety of sales that will allow you to save money on the things you love the most. These special offers often center around specific holidays, including Fourth of July. If you’re searching for discount codes and exclusive offers on great products during Fourth of July, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to find the hottest deals during the upcoming holiday. Best Products for Fourth of July What are the best products to look for during Fourth of July sales? With huge discounts on many items, deciding which deals are worthwhile can feel overwhelming. Here are a few categories you’ll want to look into during Fourth of July sales. Patio furniture and grills. This is the last big sales event of the summer. The next one is Labor Day in September, which means many home improvement and furniture stores will offer exclusive deals on grills and outdoor furniture for the summer. Summer fashion. Because this is your last chance to grab summer styles before the end of the season, you’ll find discounts on light dresses, shorts and tops. Check your favorite stores’ sale sections, since they may add extra discounts for Fourth of July. Swimwear. Swimwear is another great product to check out during Fourth of July sales, since pools are already nice and warmed up for people to swim. Check out high-end swimwear during Fourth of July sales to get a great deal on high-quality options. Home decor. You may spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, but you’ll also find special discounts on products to rejuvenate indoor areas during Fourth of July sales. Look for amazing discounts on bed and bath products, indoor furniture and mattresses (although Memorial Day often features better sales on mattresses). Products and Categories to Avoid During Fourth of July You’ll find many products on sale during Fourth of July, but it isn’t necessarily the best time to buy everything you’re looking for. Even if a product is on sale, you may find an even more amazing deal if you wait for a different sale event. Here are some products you should wait on. Electronics. You may find some limited-time discounts during Fourth of July, but deals on electronics are almost always best during Black Friday. If you’re considering buying electronics now, check what the price was last Black Friday and think about holding off. Sunglasses. It may be surprising since sunglasses are in demand all year, but popular stores offer their best deals after summer. Wait until September to get the biggest discount. Lawnmowers. You may find deals on select lawnmowers during Fourth of July, but retailers know they can charge a premium this time of year. Try to hold off until Labor Day, when you’ll likely find better savings. In Store or Online? Whether to shop in store or online during Fourth of July sales is an individual choice. There are great deals to be found with both. Here are some tips to help you decide. You’ll be able to find a better selection of items online. Stores can stock a limited number of products in one space. Even a large superstore will have only some of its products out at any one time. Online coupons will be your best friend if you’re looking to shop broadly. You may get better deals if you shop in store. Doorbusters — huge deals on items the store offers at a loss to get more people in the door — are often available in store. They’re a big part of many annual sales, but they’re often available only in physical stores. You can do more shopping online. Visiting five different stores could take up your whole day, but you can search for deals at multiple stores simultaneously when you shop online. It’s generally best to stake out a few stores in the weeks leading up to Fourth of July and plan your shopping strategy. Both in-store and online shopping have their place, but it’s all about what coupon codes are available and what other deals you can find. Tips for Finding the Best Fourth of July Special Offers Here are a few tips to save during Fourth of July sales that may not be obvious. Pay attention to rewards programs. During Fourth of July sales, a brand might offer extra savings or early access to customers who are signed up for its rewards program. Sign up for brands you’re interested in before July even begins. Look for other discount programs. Brands often offer discount programs for students, military members and other special groups. Always see if you’re eligible for these programs. Check the terms and conditions for all offers. Whether there’s a minimum purchase requirement, select products are excluded or a coupon is good for only a one-time use, learning these things after you’ve already done your shopping can be frustrating. Use multiple sales events. Fourth of July may be the most prominent sale day in July, but plenty of other sales are available throughout July and the rest of the summer. Prime Day, for example, is usually in July. By using multiple events, you can get the best discounts. FAQs Is Fourth of July a big sale day? Fourth of July typically is the biggest sale day in July. Before that, the biggest sale is usually Memorial Day in May. After, it’s Labor Day in September. Fourth of July is your best option if you’re looking for summer products before the biggest summer events. Do all brands partake in Fourth of July sales? Not every brand participates in every sale day. If it’s focused on the outdoors, however, it will likely participate in Fourth of July sales, since the holiday is largely centered around outdoor summer activities. If you’re unsure, you can check with the store you’re looking to buy from. Are there other sales that happen close to Fourth of July? The biggest sale in July is usually Fourth of July. You may also benefit by shopping on Prime Day, which is typically a week or two after Fourth of July. Other sales events to look out for include 7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day on July 11, National Ice Cream Day on the third Sunday of July and some early back-to-school sales. Can I combine coupons and sales during Fourth of July? It depends on the brand, the coupon and the sale. If a brand specifically issues promo codes for Fourth of July, it may allow you to use them in conjunction with its Fourth of July sale, resulting in huge savings. Always read the terms and conditions of the coupon you hope to use to get the best Fourth of July deals.

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