Earn 5% Cash Back at Your Favorite Restaurants with Rakuten Dining

After years of asking for Cash Back at your favorite restaurants, it’s about thyme for us to introduce Rakuten Dining! Starting today, Rakuten members can earn Cash Back at over 10,000 participating restaurants nationwide, and it’s just as easy (and much tastier) as earning Cash Back when you shop.

You butter believe it!

What is Rakuten Dining?

Get that extra guac because 5% Cash Back with Rakuten Dining is here!

Savor your next meal knowing you’ll earn 5% Cash Back on top of tax and tip every time you visit any restaurant that’s part of Rakuten Dining, our delivery on the promise that we’re always on the hunt for new, exciting ways to reward our members. Don’t worry about blackout dates or anything like that; 5% Cash Back is always open and ready for date night, a birthday dinner or pizza delivery when you’re too busy being super mom.

Available exclusively in the Rakuten mobile app on iOS (Android coming soon!), you can choose from over 10,000 restaurants nationwide, so you’ll never have to suffer through another “What do you want to eat?” debate again! Find a variety of dining options, from local mom and pop shops and quick service restaurants to higher-end eateries, all in the palm of your hand.

How does Rakuten Dining work?

Activating Cash Back with Rakuten Dining is as easy as ordering a burger at a fast food chain. Check it out:

1. Download the Rakuten mobile app on your iOS device. Don’t worry, Android! We’re coming soon.

2. Navigate to your account and add a credit card. This only needs to be done once. Already have a card in our app? Awesome. Just make sure you “enable” that card to ensure you can earn Cash Back at restaurants.

3. Head to the In-Store Cash Back section in the app where you’ll find the Restaurant category.

4. Start indulging with 5% Cash Back at participating restaurants every time you use that card!

Easily track your restaurant Cash Back activity the same way you already do with other Rakuten purchases – in your account and your Cash Back email updates.

But wait, there’s more!

Our members have been starving for dining Cash Back for a while now, and we’re excited to finally be satisfying this big appetite. We’re not just putting our fork down here, though. New restaurants will be added all the time, so stay hungry!

Rakuten Dining is part of our commitment to bringing more Cash Back opportunities and rewards to your everyday life, such as Cash Back from meal delivery services like Grubhub, Caviar and MealPal to make meals easier on you and your wallet. Now, we’re raisin a toast to that!

Use Rakuten Dining today, and start earning Cash Back every time you dine with any participating restaurant. Keep coming back to check the app for updates, new, exciting restaurants and more on-demand services launching soon!

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