Delivery Apps that You Can Earn Cash Back With

Rakuten has over 3,500 stores where you can shop and earn Cash Back, including your favorite department stores, beauty shops and travel sites. What you may not realize, however, is that you can also earn Cash Back from those convenient delivery apps you love so much. There’s nothing like having some tacos or a bottle of wine delivered quickly and easily while also receiving that satisfying “You’ve just earned Cash Back” email in your inbox.


Back in the day, your food-delivery options were limited to pizza or Chinese food. Now, however, you can get dishes from most of your favorite local restaurants delivered to your door, all through convenient apps such as Grubhub and Uber Eats. Add a side of Cash Back to your order, and you’ve got the perfect meal!


Uber Eats


Does anyone actually enjoy going to the grocery store? It’s crowded and you’re always confused because the store keeps changing the aisles. Thankfully we have apps that can deliver groceries straight to your home. Instacart, Gopuff and Shipt are all on Rakuten, which is your sign to shop and earn Cash Back from the comfort of your couch.





First there was food delivery, then grocery delivery. Now you can even get a bottle of bubbly or another alcohol of your choice delivered to your door. Apps such as Saucey and Minibar Delivery function just like Grubhub or your other favorite food-delivery app, only with alcohol. The wine fridge should never be unstocked again!


Minibar Delivery



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