10 Retro and Modern Products to Fuel Your 90’s Nostalgia

If you were a ’90s baby, there’s nothing quite like looking back on the good ol’ days. You’ll be at a party and stop whatever you’re doing as soon as “Waterfalls” by TLC comes on. The ’90s were a time of weird (but cool) fashion, excellent music and the coolest toys ever. These are some retro products that will fuel your nostalgia and bring back all those cherished memories.

Stereo With CD and Cassette Player

You can easily use your phone to find just about any song that has ever existed, but there’s something comforting about the days when you had to select the CD you wanted and put it in the stereo. You knew exactly which track number your favorite song was and which song was going to skip due to a scratch. It’s time to bring out your dusty collection of CDs and throw them on. (This Jensen model also has a Bluetooth setting, so that’s cool.)

Classic 3.5-Inch Floppy Disk Coasters

Remember saving essays on floppy disks? What a time. One selfie from your phone today requires more storage space than any of your floppy disks from the ’90s. Fuel the nostalgia with these coasters, modeled after a device that walked so cloud storage could run.

Zig-Zag Milano Sport Windbreaker

The ’80s fashion sense was all about going big or going home. In the ’90s, fashion was dialed back a bit. Biker shorts, overalls, graphic tees and, of course, windbreakers. Windbreakers are beginning to make a comeback, with celebrities such as Rihanna and Venus Williams wearing them. Get on the trend with this vintage windbreaker and its iconic teal design.

‘Rugrats Guide to Adulting’

If you were a ’90s baby, you’re either soon to be 30 or have already gotten there. Despite being alive for 30-plus years, adulting never ceases to suck. Thankfully our favorite babies from the classic ’90s cartoon “Rugrats” have come up with a helpful guide to everyday adult life.

Classic Tattoo Chokers

No matter what outfit you wore back in the ’90s, it would always be 10 times cooler with tattoo chokers. These chokers from Claire’s keep that classic look alive with five color options that will complement whatever style you’re rocking.

Six-in-One Pens

To a kid in the ’90s, something as simple as a pen with six different ink colors was the pinnacle of technology. They were perfect for the random doodling you were doing during class, and it was easy to look inconspicuous when you didn’t have to keep switching pens.

Doc Martens

If we’re writing about ’90s fashion nostalgia, we have to mention the iconic Cher Horowitz from the 1995 movie “Clueless.” She had the greatest fashion sense of the decade, which could always be complemented with a pair of Doc Martens. Boots aside, we also needed a reason to shamelessly plug Rakuten’s new commercial featuring the shopping queen herself.

Lisa Frank Artistry Palette

Lisa Frank designs were the must-have school supplies of the ’90s. The colorful rainbow aesthetic with the adorably designed animals never got old. Well, Lisa Frank is back in the makeup game with 35 different shades.

Dixie Cup Design Shirt

This design is immediately recognizable as a staple of the ’90s, since the cups at seemingly every local restaurant featured the infamous teal-and-purple pattern. Get super nostalgic with a T-shirt containing the design so everyone knows you grew up in the ’90s.

Slap Bracelets

Why were slap bracelets cool? We’re not sure, but they were. You can get an assortment of 50 of these bad boys and show them off to everyone at your next get-together. You’re guaranteed to be the life of the party.


We hope the products on this list brought back some cherished ’90s memories. Be sure to shop through Rakuten for them and get some sweet Cash Back on top of all the nostalgia. Happy shopping!

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