7 Accessories to Brighten Up Rainy Days

April may mean spring is kicking into full gear, but it’s also full of rainy days. The gloomy weather sometimes feels like it will never end, and it can affect your mood as you await bright and sunny May. Don’t let it rain on your parade — pun intended — since the right clothes and accessories can turn around any gloomy day. Here are some products that can brighten up your day.

Old Navy Strawberry Umbrella

Sometimes the right umbrella is all you need to lift your spirits on a rainy day. We’re obsessed with this umbrella’s design featuring simple, bright strawberries. It’s hard to feel gloomy when you have strawberries over your head keeping you dry.

Calpak Terra Laptop Backpack Duffel

The worst thing that can happen on a rainy day is to get water on your valuables, especially electronics such as your phone and laptop. This bag from Calpak can be either a duffel bag or backpack, depending on what you need it for. It’s made from recycled water-resistant ripstop polyester to keep your precious items dry the entire day.

Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote

You may not want to bring it out during a downpour, but this bag will keep you in a cheerful mood on a day with light rain. The bright pink shoulder tote has a water-resistant lining made with nylon and leather that will have the raindrops sliding right off it.

Hunter Play Short Rain Boots

You don’t want to go out in the rain in your nice, new shoes, since they’re probably not completely waterproof. You know what’s guaranteed to be waterproof? Rain boots. These, from Hunter, are just as comfortable as they are durable, and they’re made with the highest quality rubber to give you 100 percent resistance to the puddles you’ll inevitably step in. 

Soia and Kyo Hooded Rain Jacket

Rain jackets don’t need to be boring, old, yellow rubber — although some of those can still be cute. This multicolored one will keep you dry and — almost as important — stylish. It also has drawstrings to make it as fitted as you want for the day.

Jabra Waterproof Earbuds

You’ll need more than just the right look to stay bright and cheery during the day — you’ll also need the right music. Jabra is a top brand for earbuds, and its Elite 7 Pros are waterproof and offer excellent noise cancellation. Go for a walk with all the accessories we’ve listed here, and complement them with your favorite tunes.

Dog Rain Jacket

No matter the weather, your dog will still need to go out for a walk. It may be best to keep them just as stylish and dry as you with this adorable rain jacket from Lands’ End. The last thing you want is to have your wet dog stink up your house.


Rainy season is still a few weeks away, so you still have time to get these accessories. All of them are from Rakuten-partnered stores, so the added bonus of earning Cash Back on every purchase will surely brighten your day even more. Happy shopping!

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