8 Fall Dinner Party Essentials

Summer is about to end, so it’s time to put away the grill and invite your guests inside for dinner on crisp fall evenings. The autumn atmosphere calls for warm and cozy nights with friends and family, so you’ll need a few essentials to make it the perfect fall dinner party.

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

Soup season is here, and there’s no better item to make it with than a trusty Dutch oven. Use it to prepare a steamy pot of chili or even bake some bread to share around the table. Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen, so it will always come in handy for a dinner party.

Plate and Bowl Set

Set the aesthetic for your dinner party with this 20-piece set of terra-cotta bowls and plates that will instantly elevate your meals. It features shallow midsize bowls ideal for any type of pasta and plates that can be stacked onto bowls to act as lids — which means easy storage from table to refrigerator.

Madre Linen Napkins

Ditch the paper towels. Not only do they look incredibly boring, but you can also save a tree or two if you swap them for these linen napkins. They get softer after each wash, which means they’ll only get better the more dinner parties you host. We recommend the tamarindo color to match the Our Place plates and bowls above.

Sur La Table Rattan Placemats

No dinner table is complete without some lovely place settings. These placemats can give your table a rustic feel thanks to their espresso color, and they’ll also keep that bowl of hot chili from making marks on your table.

Hampton Forge Flatware Set

It’s time to break out the fancy flatware for your guests! These pieces have a lovely satin finish and unique shapes for a nice change of pace from the silverware you use every day.

House of Hackney Blackthorn Tablecloth

The right tablecloth brings everything together for the perfect table setting. This one from House of Hackney has a maximalist style with a great mix of red and orange that will instantly bring your kitchen — and your guests — into fall.

Bitossi Wine Glasses

Add a little wine to your party with these adorable wine glasses in colors ranging from amber to light pink. The glasses are all different from one another — from the color to the shape — so there’s no confusion about whose glass of red it is.

Nest Fall Favorites Candles

Last but certainly not least on the list of important factors for hosting in the fall is your home’s smell. As we approach the holiday season, the need for scented candles increases. Let your guests instantly be transported into the season as they walk in and smell wonderful fall aromas.


After getting all these items for a successful fall dinner party, all you need to do is put together your guest list. Once you do, you’ll want to turn it into an annual tradition. Be sure to use Rakuten so you can get Cash Back on everything above. Happy shopping! 


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