8 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

We all know someone whose drink of choice is wine, no matter what time of year. It could be a hot summer barbecue where everyone is drinking cold seltzers and beers, but they’ll still be there on the patio sipping their glass of wine. Indulge the obsession of the wine lover in your life with a lovely gift from this list!

Lenox® Tuscany Classics Crystal Pierced Decanter

Your favorite oenophile’s at-home wine game will be instantly elevated with a new decanter. Decanters allow the wine to breathe, which brings out its full flavor. They also look super fancy, and anyone would be excited to have one in their kitchen for their next party.

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener with Vacuum Sealer

Most wine lovers have already perfected opening a bottle with a corkscrew, but you could make things even easier for them with an electric wine opener. It easily attaches to the top of the bottle and pulls out the cork with ease.

Personalized Ice Bucket

There’s something so satisfying about pulling a bottle of prosecco out of ice, so consider an ice bucket to keep bottles nice and chilled on a hot summer day. To make things even better, you can have this bucket personalized.

Frigidaire Freestanding Wine Cooler

For your friend with a wine cellar or an aspiring wine collector, this affordable fridge stores and chills up to 34 bottles. It doesn’t have to be only for wine, either, since you can use it to keep any bottles nice and fresh without taking up all the space in your regular fridge.

Wine Insiders Club Subscription

A wine lover is always ready to expand their tastes with new wines. With a subscription to Wine Insiders Club, they’ll get about 12 bottles every three months, including exclusive wines available only to members. They don’t need to drink 12 bottles every three months, though, so the wine fridge mentioned above will come in handy for the extras.

Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

This electric aerator allows your wine to breathe, which exposes it to oxygen that opens up different aromas and tastes. With most aerators, you’ll need to wait about an hour before serving, but an electric one goes into the bottle and aerates immediately.


Corkcicle Air Wine Bottle Chiller

When you’re doing all the last-minute prep before your guests arrive, it’s easy to forget to chill a bottle of wine. But don’t worry! This Corkcicle Air chiller can stay in your freezer and be dropped into a wine bottle to cool it down quickly. You can even pour the wine with it inside, since it has a pour feature on top.

Yeti Wine Tumbler

On those hot summer days, a regular wine glass will let your wine get warm too quickly. That’s when a tumbler comes in handy. It’ll keep your wine chilled for hours, so there’s no need to pour a new glass if you left it outside in the sun.

The wine lover in your life is sure to appreciate these gifts, but you can impress them even more by revealing you bought them through Rakuten and got some sweet Cash Back. If they ask what Rakuten is, you know what to do. Happy shopping!

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