2020’s Most OMG Infant Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Your baby is already the cutest, most photogenic part of your life. Now, you get to participate in the fun of fall season’s best dress up day. When baby can’t really walk through their first haunted house or collect candy, their first Halloween is all about the dress up. Choose from this fun holiday’s most adorable baby Halloween costumes, whether you want to DIY or buy a set all ready to trick or treat.

Avocuddles Costume

Everybody’s (at least people in California it seems) favorite fruit now in a cute baby Halloween costume form. We’d be ecstatic to avocuddle this cutie all night long.

Baby Taco Bell Burrito Costume

Taco Bell has undergone some major menu changes this year, and we’re sad to say the least. Hopefully this burrito baby lifts your spirits.

Cactus Costume

With this cactus costume, you’ll become a real plant parent, literally. A walking, talking, playing, screaming, crying cactus. Fun!

Baby UPS Worker

During COVID-19, UPS workers have become some of our favorite people for getting our goods delivered safely. Here’s to them!

Stranger Things Demogorgon

It’s hard to find this mutant sunflower scary with an adorable baby face, but the now iconic Stranger Things’ costume will be a hit. 

Image courtesy of buhdana

What a Hoot Owl Costume

Who gives a hoot about this being a costume when your baby looks this adorable? I’m probably going to make him wear this at least once a week.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you need an infant Halloween costume and are crafty, this one is so snuggable. Or, if you need this stat, find it at Spirit Halloween.


Baby Prisoner Costume

When you and your baby have been holed up at home for too long because of COVID-19…


I actually want to see this as an updated Halloween costume for 2020. Someone dress their baby up like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, please.

Baby Lil' Grandpa

Baby walker or cane is optional, but wouldn’t that just be even more adorable. This funny Halloween costume will have every trick-or-treater cracking up. Get the costume from Spirit Halloween, or DIY your old lady baby costume with this tutorial from Just Simply Mom.

Gumball Machine

This costume is just so cute, I want to eat it.

Baby Princess Leia

Princess Leia will forever be a classic costume. This is a good time to get them started on Star Wars while they’re still young.  

There you have it – some of our favorite infant Halloween costumes.  Earn money back for your Big Fat Check while you shop at all the biggest Halloween stores like Spirit, HalloweenCostumes.com and more! Join Rakuten today and start shopping smarter.

Mariko is a high school English teacher who has three children, illegible handwriting and an obsession with mail-order artisan ice cream. She lives in Hawaii, but she makes a point to eat her way through big cities as often as she can.

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