Best Kids’ Face Masks That Prioritize Safety & Style

Getting your kids to start wearing a face mask may sound like a daunting task. And, yes, it may feel awkward for them (and you!) at first. But the good news? Children adapt easily and will adjust to this new normal without much fuss or issue, especially if they see someone they admire wearing a mask as well.

As with all activities, practice makes perfect, so mask up and get those littles used to it now. You’ll want to encourage your children to wear their masks properly (over their mouth and nose!) when they can’t keep adequate distance, are out and about running errands with you or wherever they may be. 

Have your kids wear them around the house to get accustomed to the look and feel, and explain that it’s an important new rule meant to keep themselves, friends, families, teachers and neighbors safe. At worst, it’s a minor inconvenience for kids, but, at best, it’s a whole new way for them to express their style and personality. 

Don’t know where to start shopping for face masks for kids? We’ve got you covered with a few great reusable face mask and disposable face mask options. Browse them here, and don’t forget to shop with Rakuten to earn Cash Back on the ultimate accessory of 2020.

Old Navy Kids’ Face Masks

If you have a child that is concerned with masks cramping her style, then you’ll want to scoop up at least one assorted 10-pack of masks from Old Navy. Made with soft, three-ply cotton poplin and over-the-ear elastics, they have tons of trendy designs and fashion-forward options, so your little fashion-forward cutie can coordinate her mask with her daily ensemble. 

Variety 10-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids

Carter’s Kids’ Face Masks

The kiddo masks from Carter’s are pleated so that they fit faces of all shapes and sizes. They’re even great for toddlers, and what little one could refuse that fun safari-inspired print?

Safari Face Mask

shopDisney Kids’ Face Masks

Wearing a mask is your little one’s superpower (and they can even protect their identity!) with these adorable Marvel face masks. shopDisney has all sorts of fun face mask patterns from iconic characters to pretty princesses and more.

Marvel Cloth Face Masks 4-Pack Set

Steve Madden Kids’ Face Masks

The adjustable nose bar and ear loops ensure that this fun checker-print face mask is a perfect fit. Plus it comes with three filter inserts for a young wearer’s enhanced protection.

Jcombat Kid’s Face Mask

Society of Thread Kids’ Face Masks

Lightweight and breathable, these masks offer both simple and fun face mask patterns with an adjustable fit. You can get a six pack – four floral print, four paisley print and four solid colored – so your kid can choose based on their mood that day.

Society of Threads Kid's Face Mask Floral 6-Pack


Vistaprint Kids’ Face Masks

Featuring a replaceable filter system, this comfortable option comes in all different patterns to fit your little one’s personality. We love this pick for kids’ reusable face masks as the straps are adjustable and they’re made from durable, quality fabric.

Kids' Happy Mask

Lily Kids Kids’ Face Masks

A mask for every day of the week, this assorted pack of options offers lots of cool designs, bright colors and athletic designs. Shop more Zulily kids’ mask designs here.

Lily Kids Aqua Dinosaur Assorted 7-Piece Kids Face Mask Set

Dr. Talbot’s Disposable Kids’ Face Masks

If you’re worried your kid will lose his or her mask while out and about, keep a bag of these with you or pack an extra in your child’s backpack or pocket (just put it in a clean Ziplock). These disposable face masks for kids offer cute prints and comfort on the go.

Dr. Talbot's Disposable Kid's Face Masks - 10ct

Snapfish Custom Kids’ Face Masks

If you’re looking for the ultimate kids’ face mask patterns, these custom options give you the chance to add their name to already-cool prints, like this shark one. Choose from a large or small size to fit snugly. Browse all the cool, silly options here.

Custom Face Mask

Style and safety can go hand in hand. A mask is an absolute must-have right now, so make the most of it, and find a few that will keep your kiddos healthy, happy, comfortable and cute. 

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