Best Snacks for Your Big Game Party

Big Game parties just aren’t complete without some hearty snacks. Outside of the game itself, delicious snacks can be the highlight of any game-day gathering. Let’s take a look at the most popular Big Game snacks — with a few tasty twists.

Chicken Wings

There’s no denying the appeal of tangy chicken wings on game day. It’s one of the most popular snack choices for Big Game parties for a reason. The National Chicken Council projected that Americans ate around 1.42 billion chicken wings during the 2022 Pro Football Championship alone.

Buffalo chicken wings tend to be a winning recipe for many football fans, rivaled only by garlic chicken wings. This Buffalo chicken wing recipe has a tangy, spicy kick that is sure to be a hit with your guests. After you glaze these wings, all you need to do is pop them in the oven. That means less time behind the grill and more time to entertain your guests and watch the game.


You can’t go wrong with bowls of chips to eat during the game. Whether you like flavored potato chips, tortilla chips with dip, pita chips, corn chips or any other kind of chip, stores such as Walmart and Target will always stock your favorites for the Big Game.

You can also make your own homemade chips to serve during your championship party. This easy potato chip recipe is delightfully crunchy and packed with flavor. Making your own chips also means you get to control how much oil and salt goes into your portions. You can also turn your favorite chips into nachos by mixing them with cheese, salsa, bell peppers or beans.


If you’re serving Buffalo chicken wings or chips, you can’t forget the dips. Gooey cheese dips are always a hit with partygoers. There are plenty of kinds of cheese, from American to mozzarella to blue. If you have extra beer on hand, you can also try making beer cheese dip to satisfy your melty-cheese cravings. Keep in mind that beer cheese retains some alcohol content, so it’s an adults-only snack.

Dipping sauce for your chicken wings is also a must. Create a spread of sauces so your guests can satisfy their cravings the way they want. Hot sauce, marinara sauce, barbecue sauce and even adobo sauce for Filipino partygoers are all popular choices.


Pizza is another game-day staple you can’t go without. Pile on the toppings or even create a unique pepperoni pizza dip that will make your taste buds — and maybe a few overexcited party guests — sing.

Ordering delivery through Grubhub, Uber Eats or any other food delivery service can save you a little time cooking other appetizers or entrees for your hungry guests.

Sandwiches, Sliders and Tacos

Want a classic appetizer? Why not set up a self-serve sandwich, slider or taco table? Guests get to pick their own deli meat, toppings, sauces, spreads and other ingredients so no one is left hungry.

Sliders and tacos will require a bit more preparation than a sandwich spread, especially if you need to make ground beef. Try these tasty triple pork sliders or these crispy air fryer cauliflower tacos during your Big Game party.


Game-Day Platters

Setting up a party platter with a variety of appetizers is always a treat. They’re also super versatile, so you can make a few platters for your party and at least some of them will score a touchdown with your guests.

Pretzels and cheese, chips and dip or sour cream, chicken wings and hot sauce — you can combine all your favorite snacks and finger foods on one convenient platter. You could even create a healthy, vegan game-day food platter with vegetables and dip.

Soft Pretzels

Warm, soft pretzels and lots of cheese dip is a hard combo to refuse. You can even add a fondue fountain with a variety of cheeses to try. If you’re craving pretzels with a little kick, try these jalapeno cheddar soft pretzel bites.

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  • What snacks should you bring to a Big Game party?

If you’re not fond of the snacks we listed above, here are a few more ideas you can add to the mix:

Any finger foods that are easy to pack (and eat) can be great goodies to give your Big Game partygoers before they leave. Chips, sausage rolls and any bite-size cookies or puff pastries will work.

  • What is the most popular Big Game party food?

According to Better Homes and Gardens, the most popular Big Game party food is chips and dip.

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