Buying Bargain Furniture Online at the Best Prices

When price shopping for furniture online, it can be difficult to avoid scammers. Shopping with Rakuten can save you hundreds of dollars with amazing deals on high-quality furniture!

Getting lost in JCPenney or the Lowe’s light section is admittedly fun, but it’s not exactly a productive way to pick out the furniture you want. Shopping online can get rid of all the distractions and riffraff that comes with finding the perfect furniture for your home without ever leaving it. Check out how Rakuten can help you safely navigate the world of online furniture shopping below!

Take Note of Measurements

Before buying new furniture, it’s a good idea to know how long or wide you need it to be. You want it to match your home, not look like it doesn’t belong. A plush carpet’s design could look great in your dining room, but it will look out of place if it’s too small to span the length of the dining table.

Measuring your space beforehand will give you a good idea of the furniture you should be looking for. You can then read the descriptions of furniture you like online to see whether it will fit. That way, you won’t end up buying something too small or too big, but just right for your room.

Pay Attention to User Reviews

User reviews can often provide keen insight into a piece of furniture’s quality. Reviews can also let you know about any possible defects or false advertisements beforehand so you don’t waste your money or time on a faulty product.

Furniture with mostly one- or two-star reviews should be avoided. Reviewers will typically go into more detail about a poor rating, but, if you see something bombarded with low reviews, it is usually for a good reason. Sometimes the item is a scam that doesn’t work correctly or isn’t the quality it’s listed as. Other times, poor reviews may just be for shipping-related reasons.

Reading a handful of both positive and negative user reviews can give you a much better picture of how good a piece of furniture actually is. Reading reviews is especially important for big-ticket items such as televisions, beds and sofas.

Use Reputable Sites and Sellers

It can be enticing to buy a seemingly new couch from eBay for way less than you normally would have paid for it, but you also need to pay attention to who you are buying from.

As with product reviews, user or seller reviews are a good indicator of whether someone is honestly selling you a new couch or they are scammers looking to take your money. Plenty of negative reviews are a sign to steer clear of the seller. Mixed reviews can be a bit suspicious as well, because the seller may be using fake accounts to boost their image to potential buyers.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and shop at reputable furniture stores whenever possible. Actual furniture-store websites will have the added benefit of extra promo codes or deals so you can save even more money at checkout.


Snagging Deals with Rakuten

Price cuts on furniture can be unpredictable — and often not for the items you really want. Waiting for sales is no way to spend your time.

Shopping with Rakuten saves you from that guessing game, and instead rewards you with savings at every turn. You can earn plenty of Cash Back on various furniture pieces and home-improvement products, both online with our Cash Back Button browser extension and in our Rakuten mobile app. You can even earn in-store rewards when you select offers to connect to your credit or debit card.

The savings don’t stop there! You can earn Cash Back just by joining Rakuten, and you’ll also get $30 just for referring a friend to our service (and your friend will earn money too). You’ll get unlimited referrals with Rakuten’s Refer-a-Friend program, so you and your loved ones can keep earning $30 in Cash Back as many times as you want.

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