Easy Ways to Thank Teachers, Frontline Workers & More

As the world accommodates a new way of living, a special group of people have stepped up and answered the call so the rest of us could keep some sense of normalcy. Healthcare workers, delivery drivers, grocery store workers, teachers and so many others have been and continue to be the backbone of society during this challenging year. The least any of us can do is give a gift of thanks and appreciation for their hard work and sacrifices. Below, we’ve rounded up six easy ways you can say thank you to your favorite frontline worker. 

Make mealtime easier

After long hours on the front lines with little relief, the last thing frontline workers want to do when they get home is prepare a meal. Heck, the last thing any of us want to do after a long day at work is make a meal. That’s where you come in. Send your favorite frontline worker a Freshly delivery. There are more than 30 meals to choose from, and each is prepared by Freshly’s team of expert chefs before it’s shipped out. The meals are healthy and heat up in minutes. Get started here.

Promote kindness

There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, and simple acts of kindness are quite literally the easiest way to thank frontline workers or anyone, really. The next time you’re out and about, be sure to say thank you to the employees at your local grocery store, and step in if you see someone behaving badly. If you can, pay it forward with a coffee. Everyone is on edge, so words of encouragement, a simple thank you or physical act of kindness can make someone’s entire day.

Help them get some R&R

The types of jobs we now consider frontline were stressful before a pandemic. Now, they are even more intense with longer hours and a higher level of complexity with all of the safety precautions in place. All of this would make anyone tired and achy. One of the best things you can do for your favorite frontliner is give them the tools for rest and relaxation. This pedicure kit by Hempz from ULTA Beauty is exactly what they’ll need after a long day on their feet.


Help them stay healthy

YogaClub is a cool subscription box that ships athletic clothing to your door in curated boxes. A fresh set of workout clothes can help your recipient stay inspired to take care of themselves when they are so busy taking care of everyone else. Get started with your style quiz here.

Make a homemade sign

A homemade sign is a simple way to say thank you to teachers, frontline workers and anyone else who needs a little pick-me-up these days. You can drop it off at their house or display a sign in your own yard as a way to let any frontline workers who pass by know you appreciate them. Get your kids to participate by having them write thank you messages on your driveway or the sidewalk.

Purchase a smart phone sanitizer

If you can swing it, a PhoneSoap sanitizer is an amazing gift for anyone on the frontlines. It uses UV-C light to sanitize phones, keys and any other objects that might fit into the unit in 10 minutes. It can make a frontline workers’ routine so much easier at the end of the day. Instead of figuring out how to sanitize their device, they can just toss it in the Phone Soap and let it go to work. Buy it here.

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