9 Gadgets and Appliances You Need for Summer Cooking

It’s summer, and that means it’s outdoor cookout season! The days are longer and sunnier, so it’s time to invite your family and friends over for ice-cold drinks and tasty food to enjoy on your patio. To get you fully prepared to be the hostess with the mostest, here are helpful gadgets for a successful cookout this summer.

Ninja Professional Blender BL610

Summer calls for refreshing drinks of all kinds: green smoothies with fresh produce, frozen margaritas, frosé, piña coladas — the list goes on. Look no further than this blender from Ninja, a trusty brand for kitchen appliances. It will give you smooth and delicious frozen drinks to serve all your guests with minimal effort and time required.

Looft Lighter Charcoal Electric Lighter

Using lighter fluid is not only intimidating, but it also leaves a chemical smell on your grill’s charcoal. No one wants that. The Looft Lighter eliminates the need for lighter fluid and unnecessary chemicals, and the best part is it gives you the ability to safely start your grill in seconds!

iGrill 2

A top priority when manning the grill is to ensure your food is cooked to perfection — nothing overcooked or undercooked. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, everything on the grill should be just right. The iGrill 2 takes away the guessing and alerts you once the meat has reached the right temperature via a smartphone app. That means you can sit back and enjoy your piña colada before it melts.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

A sous vide will be your new favorite way to cook meat. You place the device in a pot of water, vacuum seal your meat, set the sous vide to the desired temperature and let the protein slowly cook. Once it’s done, you can sear the meat on a pan or grill to give it some color and voilà — you’ve got a chef-quality main course for your guests to enjoy.

Yonanas Classic Soft-Serve Dessert Maker

What’s a gathering without dessert? When the weather is warm, nothing sounds better than something fruity and refreshing. The Yonanas Dessert Maker has you covered, and it couldn’t be simpler. No need for added sugars or milk; all it requires is frozen fruit to churn into soft serve. Now you have something delicious to make with overripe bananas other than banana bread, and your vegan friends will love and appreciate it too!

Nutribullet Juicer Pro

Before getting to the cocktails, burgers and sides, you can’t go wrong with serving your guests fresh juice. The Juicer Pro has three speeds to optimize for various produce, and it’s dishwasher safe so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning the parts when you’re finished.

Sur la Table Pineapple Corer

There’s nothing like fresh pineapple on a hot summer day, but there’s also nothing more frustrating than coring a pineapple. This gadget goes directly into the fruit, removes the core and cuts perfectly sized pieces in a matter of seconds. (Pro tip: Try putting grilled fresh pineapple on a burger. You’re welcome!)

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

It’s a Keurig, but for cocktails and mocktails — enough said! The magic of this machine is the Bartesian pods that contain bitters, extract, juice concentrates and mixers. All you do is fill it with alcohol and water and insert your Bartesian capsule of choice, and you’ve got yourself delicious (and effortless!) cocktails.

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

Change up the usual barbecue menu and make it a pizza night instead. This outdoor pizza oven’s portable size means you can set it up anywhere on your patio and have pizza made in 60 seconds. Everyone can make their own pies with their toppings of choice, so there’s no bickering around what kind of pizzas to get for delivery.


The weather is warm, so it’s time to start shopping for everything you need to host a backyard cookout. All these items can earn you some sweet Cash Back when you shop through Rakuten. Cheers!

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